5 Situations Ideal for Fixed Security Security Gates

Where to use fixed security gates

‘Fixed security gates’ are actually burglar bars rather than gates. Many fixed security designs for windows look very similar to sliding security gates. The difference is that the fixed ones are firmly attached and cannot open at all, whereas sliding gates obviously do open, often sliding to the side.

Fixed security gates or burglar grilles are fixed into the wall around the window to block out intruders. The grilles are usually made from steel or aluminium and are a good way of preventing burglars from getting into a home or business premises through a broken window.

This type of security barrier has been used to protect windows and non-opening doors (those door-sized windows next to front doors or patio doors) for decades. There are many different styles of fixed security gates available on the market today, from artistic wrought iron patterns to more modern and linear trellis patterned designs.

The 5 best locations for fixed security gates

Fixed security gates or grilles can be used to protect any window and non-opening door.

Here are the five top locations where they are to be found:

1. Windows that overlook the garden or other great views

Fixed security is not as see-through as some other types of burglar proofing, but you can see through them. Use them on any window that looks out onto a nice view and you’ll be well protected while you enjoy the outlook, whether the window is open or closed.

2. Windows easily accessible to intruders

Use fixed security on any windows that might be easily accessible to criminals. This includes all the windows around the house that they can reach. Don’t forget to protect windows that are hidden around quiet, dark corners where thieves can break windows without being seen.

3. Large expanses of glass

Huge windows look very attractive and create a feeling of abundance and architectural drama. But they can also be attractive to thieves, who can break through them and use them to get stolen goods out of the house if doors are too well barricaded. Protect these windows with fixed security gates so that they can’t get in. Try Trellidor Fixed Security 

4. Second floor windows and balconies

It is the same with second floor windows. These may seem out of reach to criminals but determined robbers will always find a way to get in, using ladders, bins and other items we tend to leave lying around the garden. So, don’t take a chance. Fit fixed security to these windows too.

5. Windows that face the street or passageway

Fixed security is highly visible to anyone outside in the street or passage (if you live in an apartment) looking into your home. This makes fixed burglar bars ideal for windows where people passing by can see into your home. It shows that your home is properly secured and not easy to break into. If they have any intention of breaking in, they may continue passing by and not attempt it if they can see your home is well-protected.

How to tell if fixed security gates are good quality

There are so many varieties of fixed security gates to choose from. How do you tell if you’re buying the right one and why should you care?

Firstly, you should care because poor quality burglar proofing will not keep you as safe as high-quality products. If your fixed security gates are well made, they will give you far more time to call for help or escape if you experience a home invasion. Poor quality products are quick and easy to break through and you may be caught by surprise and have no time to take evasive action.

Second, fixed security gates like the ones made by Trellidor are manufactured with in-built strengthening features. This makes them excellent security for all types of crime risk areas, from low to high. You have a full range of options depending on your circumstances and budget, but all of them are high quality.

Use them to match your Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates for seamless all-round security in your home or office.

Ways to tell if fixed security gates are good quality or not

Once you’ve invested in fixed security on your windows, you want to know that they will do the job you expect of them. These are the signs that fixed burglar proofing is going to be dependable once it has been fitted to your windows:

  • The fixed security gate is fully framed on all four sides. This type of frame increases the gate’s strength.
  • The burglar bars are installed with tamper-proof fixings. This adds to the strength of the burglar bars under attack.
  • The manufacturing process includes a pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. This keeps the burglar bars in good condition for longer. It also makes them a good choice for both coastal and inland locations.
  • You’re able to choose between an internal or external installation. An internal installation, that is, inside your home right next to the windows, is the better option because robbers are forced to break the windows first before trying to break the burglar bars. This makes a noise and they risk discovery, so an internal fit is a deterrent.
  • You’re able to choose between a face-on fit or fitted into the window reveal. The reveal is the space that the window fits into. If you live in a newer home with a very narrow reveal, your fixed burglar grilles have to be fitted to the space outside the reveal. If you have a deep reveal, your fixed security can be fitted right next to the window.
  • Your supplier provides a warranty against defective workmanship, materials and corrosion. Check that the warranty is realistic and doable. Sometimes products are marketed with unbelievable warranties that require so much verification that you eventually give up trying to enforce it.

Here are some benefits of using Trellidor Fixed Security on your windows:

  • You can leave your windows open to allow fresh air and sunlight into your home. You’ll be well protected by the Trellidor Fixed burglar bars on your windows.
  • Trellidor Fixture burglar bars on windows will match Trellidor Retractable security gates on doors, so that there is seamless security throughout the home.
  • Trellidor custom-makes all its security products so that they fit doors and windows perfectly. This makes the burglar proofing stronger as well as neater and less obtrusive.
  • A company like Trellidor that has been manufacturing for over 40 years will always be around to honour warranties.

Take a look at Trellidor Fixed Security to see what this burglar proofing looks like

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