5 Best Spots to Place Motion Sensor Lighting Outdoors

Installing motion sensor lighting is a suggested choice whether you want to discourage burglars from breaking in or illuminate your home for security when strolling. This is the best and most economical investment you can make for your house. The positioning of these lights is crucial for improving their efficacy and the house’s security. We will highlight some spots where you can consider placing these lights.


What Is a Motion Sensor Light?

A motion sensor light is a device that can detect physical movement, it is activated by motion, and when movement is detected, it triggers the sensor. The light will automatically turn on in reaction to the movement.

Motion sensor lights are cost-effective as they deter criminals because once the lights turn on, they will know their presence has been detected, so that they will flee. There will not be any need to worry about leaving the lights on as the motion sensor will only light up when they detect physical motion.


The best spots to place motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lighting is the way to go if you are considering a cost-effective outdoor investment in your home. Not only will they light up your home for safety, but they will also deter intruders from entering your home.

Outdoor motion sensor lights provide light where and when you need it. These lights should be mounted on the entry points, which intruders can use as a hiding place.   Motion sensors should be bright enough to illuminate a wide area and installed as high up as possible but far from obstructions. The best spots to place motion sensor outdoor lights are as follows;


1. Home Entrances

Most people install motion sensor lights only at the home’s main entrance and feel this is the only important spot. However, criminals continually look for alternatives. It is, therefore, essential to install motion sensor lighting at all entrances, be it the front, back, or driveways.

Not only will the lights brighten the area, but they will deter thieves. The criminals will not risk breaking in right under the lights as they are afraid to be seen, so they would avoid such a spot as much as possible. The lights also help you to walk on a clear path without stumbling on the things that might not be seen when the place does not have lights.

You may also want to install a motion-sensing light at the entrance of your driveway if it is far as this will deter intruders from entering your property.


2. The Sides of Your Home

Having motion sensor lights installed on all the sides of your home will enable you to have lights that cover a more comprehensive range of your home and eliminate dark spaces. Depending on the size of your yard, motion sensor lights may illuminate areas as far as your garden. Criminals intending to break in may use this as hiding spots at night.


3. Garage Door

You should also consider installing a motion-sensing light above your garage door, as it should also be an entrance to your home. When you install the motion sensor lights there, you will discourage criminals from gaining access to your vehicles, your home or other valuable items such as bikes and tools you might be storing in your garage. The light will also be handy, especially when it is dark and you find yourself trying to get something stored in your garage. The motion sensor light should be installed and mounted above the garage door as this will be convenient, and the light will illuminate the surrounding areas.


4. Outdoor Stairs

Climbing up and down the stairs, especially at night, increases the risks of tripping and falling. Installing motion sensor lights will prevent this hazard, but more importantly, these lights will turn on once they detect any movement on the stairs. Installing a motion sensor light on the stairs will illuminate things for non-intruders and deter criminals from gaining access to your home.


5. Gardens

If an intruder were detected by motion sensor lights trying to enter your property, they would most certainly run to a darker place where they can hide or use it as an escape route. In most instances, such an area would be the garden, where criminals can hide under trees or shrubs. Installing motion sensor lighting in the garden will eliminate the apparent spots intruders can use as hiding spots.




The benefits of having motion sensor lighting in your home can assist in putting your mind at ease. Especially if you carefully plan everything, not forgetting why you wanted the sensor lighting in the first place. By installing the lights in the areas mentioned above, you will ensure that you receive maximum protection and your home becomes accident-free.



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