Why Dead Lock Retractable Security Gates are a Better Pick

In South Africa, most retractable security gate suppliers sell gates with either a slam lock, a dead lock, or a combination of these two lock types. In a country where house breaking incidents continue to rise, it is helpful to know which security gate locks are best for keeping people safe, so here are some points to look out for.


Strong security gate locks can be a lifesaver

The lock on a security gate is often the first place that criminals attack. There are plenty of videos in circulation showing house breakers trying to lever a security gate open at the lock point with whatever tools they have with them.

The reason they attack the lock first is because if they manage to break it, the gate is easy to open. They can then walk right into your home. A lock that does not break or disengage easily means that the criminals have to try to get inside another way. This could either be through another opening such as a window or by trying to damage the gate itself enough to create a gap to squeeze through and into the property.

Whether these criminals succeed in breaking the lock or not depends on the type of lock that has been fitted to the security gate. Strong security locks have the following in common:

  • Multi locking points 

    A gate lock that engages in more than one point inside the gate makes it harder to force the gate open. The attackers don’t know where to assault the gate first or how many points they’ll have to try to damage. The Trellidor retractable security gates fitted in homes have this type of draw-bolt lock. Some have two locking points while others have three. These internal locking points are not visible or accessible when the gate is closed, but they are there, keeping the gate secure.

  • High quality lock cylinders 

    The lock cylinder must be able to resist picking, bumping, drilling, snapping or any other tricks of the criminal trade. The locks Trellidor supplies with retractable gates are fitted with high quality cylinders that are extremely difficult to damage. There is just one lock cylinder that locks all the locking points mentioned above. You lock up simply using one key, which is quick and easy.

  • Internally fitted locking systems 

    A lock that is fitted into the leading edge of the gate and locks into the facing door frame is a far stronger locking system than one fitted onto the surface of the gate. It is harder to tamper with, especially when combined with the features explained in the previous two points.


A cheap, off-the-shelf lock lacks all these features. It will not hold out under attack as long as a long as a high quality one. The type of lock fitted to the product you buy is one of the reasons for the difference in retractable security gate prices.

Obviously, the best value retractable security gates will have robust locks that resist attack, keeping people safe inside the home. There is no value in a retractable security gate fitted with a lock that is easy for criminals to damage and get into your home, causing you harm and stealing your possessions.


Slam lock vs Dead lock

Slam locks and dead locks both need a key. The difference is that the slam lock does not need a key to engage the lock: it locks as you slide or slam the gate closed. The slam lock key is used to disengage the lock and open the gate. A dead lock is engaged when you turn the key in the lock cylinder. This lock is also disengaged to open the gate by using the key.

Because Trellidor is a responsible retractable security gate supplier, our engineers continually test our products to ensure they meet our quality and strength standards. Results show that the dead-lock is the strongest when attacked using tools favoured by criminals. Slam locks are generally weaker and more vulnerable under attack than the deadlock system.

Some customers still prefer the idea of a slam-lock though, so the Trellidor factory installs these in some retractable gate models on request. For extra safety, the Trellidor slam-lock design incorporates a dead-lock system which is activated by rotating the key after the gate has been slammed shut ensuring the gate is securely locked.

Find out more about retractable security gate locks by contacting your local Trellidor supplier. They will gladly answer any questions you may have on which lock is better for your retractable gates.






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