When to Start Thinking About Business Security Upgrades

Security systems that are reliable and up-to-date are essential for every organisation. Not only can security systems warn you when there is an incursion, but they also provide an accurate approach to resolving numerous workplace issues. They also increase surveillance and assure the safety of your investments at all times. Nonetheless, every solution has a shelf life and will need to be replaced or upgraded if you want to continue reaping the benefits of efficient systems.

Physical security incorporates both physical and procedural safeguards. These safeguards are intended to prevent or mitigate dangers to your people, data, and assets. While your present security system may appear to fulfil your security needs on the surface, there may be hidden risks to employing outdated systems, particularly when certain business situations change.


Here are some signs that you may need to upgrade your current security system.


1. You’re using an analogue system

When people consider upgrading their security camera systems, they often believe that they would have to spend a lot of money because they will have to upgrade everything from cameras, wiring, cables, storage devices, monitors, and so on.  Sophisticated security systems are becoming more affordable, bringing upgrades such as perimeter surveillance camera systems and fully wireless IP CCTV systems into reach of businesses of all sizes. When consumers move to digital systems, they can usually keep all of their existing cables and wiring.

Furthermore, many analogue cameras no longer satisfy compliance requirements for specific businesses because the image quality and data storage employed are no longer up to date. Finally, because data is typically stored onsite, analogue systems are unsuitable for most disaster recovery programmes. 


2. You recently extended your business premises

Alarms, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, touch triggers, and auto-locks are among the different types of corporate security systems available on the market today. They are also installed in a variety of locations, including windows, doors, ceilings, entrances, and offices. If you have recently enlarged your premises to incorporate new offices, windows, or doorways, you will most likely need to handle the security requirements of these additions. It is also an excellent time to evaluate your current systems and assess whether they require an upgrade. In most circumstances, it is preferable to prepare your security requirements before expansion.


3. Your team is expanding

If your personnel counts have suddenly increased, it may be time to talk with a commercial security professional to protect the safety of your business and employees. As your business expands, more people will enter and exit the premises. This necessitates the installation of a facility access control system. As you expand, the necessity for a physical security system that can both secure their safety and monitor the premises grows. For access control, some commercial buildings and assets utilise fingerprint biometrics to make the procedure faster, more precise, safe, and efficient. 


4. You have contract employees or high turnover 

Employee turnover is substantial in several industries. Many technology and service-based businesses engage personnel on a contract basis, which might run from three to twelve months. Even if rigorous employee background checks are done, a steady stream of employees beginning and terminating their contracts might expose your company to risk.


5. Your property has more visitors

Is foot traffic increasing at your business? Keeping your physical security system up to date will help your company keep ahead of evolving security risks. Your security system should be ramped up in proportion to the volume of foot traffic. Being exposed to heightened security dangers can quickly become a distraction, resulting in the loss of new or existing businesses. If any of these criteria have changed for your company, consider upgrading your obsolete system with a more advanced system that will grow with you and secure your data, assets, and personnel.  


6. You’ve lost faith in your security system

If you are not comfortable with what is happening, or if you are unsure what is happening and how it affects your security, it may be time to upgrade. The last thing you want is to be surprised by an attack that could have been avoided.

It’s also vital to remember that trust in your security team is critical to the success of your business. If your employees are hesitant to utilise the security measures you’ve given them because they don’t know how effective they will be, they may not use them at all, or worse, they may use them wrongly.




There should be no difficulty in locating corporate security systems due to the market’s abundance of brands and possibilities. However, not every approach is ideal. Before investing in a system, it is critical to thoroughly evaluate the features and compare existing offerings. More importantly, assess your company’s needs in comparison to what the system offers to determine if it is the best option. The widely held belief is that security system updates are prohibitively expensive. Although some premium options are pricey, you may still acquire dependable security systems with modern features without breaking the bank.



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