Ways Trellidor Offers Trusted Protection Than Any Other Brand

Crime is a reality that South Africans have to live with and being safe at home is non-negotiable. So it makes sense to look for a security brand that you can trust to provide you with the best protection. The Trellidor brand is the strongest in the security barrier market, with a range of products to suit all budgets and the reassurance of Trellidor quality behind every installation.

Trellidor strength

The strength of a security barrier under attack is what decides how long it will keep intruders out of your home. The stronger the barrier, the more time you have to call for help or lock yourself into your safe zone or even escape out of a window or external door.

Trellidor has always focussed on creating security barriers that give people as much protection as possible in an emergency. Even products like those in the Trellidor Estate Range, which are produced for lower crime risk areas like cluster housing, have built-in strengthening features.

The Trellidor Estate Shutter and Trellidor GriffinGuard are usually installed for their good looks and additional uses rather than their strength. But they still provide an element of protection from potential intrusion.

Trellidor innovations

The choice of designs is one of the reasons why so many people look to Trellidor first for their home security. We’re a Proudly South African company and strive to offer people the best and most practical security barrier designs.

There are many options to explore, from gates to burglar bars to safety screens, rolling shutters, louvre shutters and Polycarbonate bars. These Trellidor designs can be made to fit windows, doors, patios, passages, and any other opening that needs protecting from intruders.

Although Trellidor is best known for steel and aluminium security gates, we’re constantly researching new designs to cater to trends in the market. Our focus is always to provide people with the best protection possible, but there is no reason why this can’t be done with a sense of style.

Trellidor was the first to develop and introduce security screens to South Africa. These are proper security barriers, not just fly screens, although they do help to keep insects and monkeys out of homes too.

The screens are see-through and look very elegant once installed next to doors and windows or around the patio. They are fitted with patented Trellidor locks, which are known for their strength and reliability.

Once in place, these screens are hardly noticeable, so they are a popular option for windows with a lovely outlook and entertainment areas, where people like uninterrupted views of the outside.

Another innovation from Trellidor is the fully framed Poly Guard. A four-sided frame provides more stability and protection to Polycarbonate strips, which are usually just fixed to the window frame. The Trellidor design can be trusted to look better and provide more safety than other brands that offer this type of product for windows.

At the other end of the strength scale is the most recent addition to the Trellidor range, the Lockdown Shutter. This is a rolling shutter that locks down so tightly, even a forklift topples over when trying to lift it. It is a ‘first’ for South Africa in terms of how the locking mechanism works and ideal for protecting sensitive locations.

More choices with Trellidor

There are other ways that Trellidor gives people more trusted protection than any other brand. These are:

  • Trellidor prices

    Whether you’re looking for lower cost burglar bars or an extremely strong rolling shutter, Trellidor has a barrier to suit your budget and needs.
  • Trellidor burglar bars

    Trellidor has the largest selection of burglar bars for windows, so whatever your preferences are, there is a design to suit you. The range includes trellis-style burglar bars that are either non-opening or able to slide open and closed like gates. There are Polycarbonate bars, mesh screens, louvre shutters and rolling aluminium shutters.
  • Trellidor locks

    Locks are an important part of any security barrier that opens because intruders often attack these first when trying to break in. Trellidor has patented locks that are fitted to the barrier designs that open. These locks are unique and specially engineered for strength under attack. They are not off-the-shelf hardware store locks that are easily broken.
  • Trellidor sizes

    Whatever the size of the opening that you need secured, Trellidor can make a barrier for you, no matter how small or large it is. This is because Trellidor products are tailored to suit the opening. Our sales consultants measure the opening and specify the correct sized barrier so that it fits snugly, making it more secure than DIY products.
  • Trellidor installation

    Trellidor products cannot be installed by just anyone. These are customised door and window barriers that require specialised tools and technical knowledge to install. This is one of the factors that makes Trellidor a better brand that gives you trusted protection. These are high-quality products that do the job you expect of them, even at the lower end of the cost scale.
  • Trellidor warranty

    A warranty is provided with every Trellidor installation, giving customers peace of mind that if something goes wrong, Trellidor will be there to help. The warranty covers defective installation or faulty workmanship and the repair or replacement of non-conforming or defective materials or components. In South Africa, all rights under the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 apply to this warranty.

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