Virtually Transparent Burglar Proofing That’s Not Glass or Ugly Bars

Transparent burglar bars bring to mind glass or clear plastic, but Trellidor Clear Guard is a totally different concept in burglar proofing, as this kitchen installation shows.

Transparent burglar bars are not necessarily glass

Trellidor Clear Guard is actually made of a steel mesh panel that is so tightly woven, your eye sees straight through it. It was developed initially as a fly screen and has sold like hot cakes in Asia and Australia, where insects are a huge problem.

That particular mesh screen, however, was not designed as a security barrier. A Trellidor research and development team loved the concept, though, because they could see its value for South African homes. Trellidor franchises throughout RSA had customers that didn’t want traditional security barriers on their picture windows or patio doors because they’d spoil the view.

This virtually transparent mesh screen, however, could do the trick if it was made strong enough to function as transparent burglar bars. The team worked with the original manufacturers to develop a product that would suit our local requirements, and the result was Trellidor Clear Guard.

What is this transparent burglar bar, then?

So, the end result of all this research and development was this: an industrial grade stainless steel mesh screen that you can see through, with an elegant aluminium frame. It is designed to match your door or window and is fitted right next to it. The Trellidor Clear Guard screen functions as a transparent burglar bar without spoiling your view.

It still keeps out insects and other nasties like snakes, and it also helps to moderate the internal temperature of your home. I’ve found mine invaluable through the hot summer because I can keep my doors and windows open for fresh air, but the Trellidor Clear Guard screens closed for security purposes.

Take a look at the pictures (below) of my kitchen from inside looking out, and outside looking in. You’ll see what looks like two sets of windows, but is actually a sliding aluminium window with a sliding Trellidor Clear Guard unit next to it. Much prettier than conventional security, don’t you think?

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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The Trellidor Clear Guard transparent burglar bars are closed for protection while the window is open

The same window from the outside the transparent burglar bar is on the right

the ultimate crime barrier

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