Unique Trellidor Security Shutter Features Providing Additional Security

A recent trend in South Africa is to use security shutters as door and window protection instead of more traditional trellis-style gates and burglar bars. There are different types of home security shutters to choose from, each with unique features. The Trellidor range includes aluminium louvre shutters and roller shutters. We explain the additional security that each of these provides.


Louvre Security Shutters

Trellidor louvre security shutters are made up of aluminium slats within a frame.

Window shutters are an attractive alternative to curtains, blinds, and burglar bars. The slats are adjustable when the shutters are closed so that you can angle them to let in as much light and air as you prefer. You can also control how much people passing by can see into your home.

This type of shutter can be used to protect your entertainment area too. In this case, they are fitted around the outer edge of your patio. The louvres of locked shutters can be tilted to let in sunshine and air, while keeping you safe inside.

Louvre security shutters can be installed alongside any doors in your home. They’ll do as good a job of providing protection as a trellis-style sliding security gate. Just remember to keep them closed and locked.



The louvre security shutter features that provide added protection from intruders are as follows:

  • Each slat is reinforced inside with a threaded steel bar along its entire length. This means that the slats are tough and very hard to break through. When closed and locked, the shutters are an excellent form of access control. Locked shutters provide security even when the louvre slats are tilted in the open position,
  • The shutters are fitted with a strong Trellidor lock. This is important because locks are often the first place that burglars attack when they’re trying to break into your home. The locks can be used from both sides of the shutters, so if you have one fitted to a door you can lock it as you leave your home when you go out.
  • All the operating mechanisms are concealed inside the shutter where criminals can’t get to them. There are no rods or levers on the outside of the shutter.
  • Custom-made by Trellidor for a perfect fit. Each home security shutter is made to measure to reduce any weak points that robbers would be quick to use to break through the shutter. Specially made shutters like these always fit better and offer a higher level of protection than off-the-shelf products.


Rollerstyle Security Shutters

Like the security louvre shutters, Rollerstyle roller shutters are made from aluminium. This makes them far more user-friendly for use in homes as a security shutter because aluminium is lighter and less noisy than steel.

Roller security shutters can be fitted to windows and doors, either on the outside of the home or inside. There is a choice of operating them manually or getting them motorised so that you can open and close them using a remote.

In South Africa these security shutters are most often used to shut off a safe zone in a home. To do this, a rolling security shutter is fitted in the passage or on the staircase. In this position it blocks off the bedroom area so that if criminals get into the home, they can’t get to people sleeping in the bedrooms.

Some homeowners fit this type of security shutter to all windows and doors in their home. This allows them to lock down their home when they’re away. The shutters provide all round protection, with no way in for burglars.

If you choose to automate this type of security shutter in South Africa where power outages are common, remember to speak to your supplier about battery back-up or manual override systems.



The roller security shutter features that provide added protection from intruders are as follows:

  • Very hard to lift up once closed. The shutter rolls down from a shutter box and resists any attempt to lift the shutter without using the remote control or manual override systems. Burglars that try this may end up jamming the motor but they’re highly unlikely to open the shutter itself.
  • Resists attempts to damage the slats to get through the shutter. Attack tests show that these security shutters can take a real hammering without burglars succeeding in getting through them.
  • The shutter operation can be incorporated into a smart home system. This means that you can open and close the shutters from your automated central control system.
  • Custom-made by Trellidor for a perfect fit. These security shutters are manufactured according to measurements taken in your home so that the shutters fit tightly and securely. They do not need a bottom track, so there is nothing on the floor for people to trip over. Plus, the motor can be hidden in the ceiling in locations that allow this.



Security shutter prices

Like all Trellidor security barriers, security shutters are custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Home security shutters are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give you a quotation.


For expert advice on which of these Trellidor security shutters are best suited to your home, contact your nearest authorised Trellidor franchise. They will visit you on site and discuss your requirements. They will also explain which shutter provides the additional security you need.


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