Ultimate Guide to Choosing Fixed Burglar Bars for your Commercial Building

Window burglar proofing is frequently installed as an after-thought once a commercial building is complete. Or it becomes a necessity after a break-in. Business crime is rising, however, so it should be prioritised. Trellidor has put together the ultimate guide to choosing fixed burglar bars for your building.

What are fixed burglar bars?

These are burglar bar designs that are permanently fixed in place and cannot open. They are usually made from steel or aluminium and are secured in place using tamper-proof fixings. Fixed burglar bars should cover the whole window, leaving no weak points for burglars to use to get a grip and pull, kick, or bash them out using any tools they have in hand.

Why do fixed burglar bars suit commercial buildings?

Fixed burglar bar designs are usually less expensive than burglar bars for windows and doors that can open. This is an important cost saving if the commercial building has many openings that need securing against criminals. It can be an expensive exercise to secure an entire building, so any saving is welcome.

One of the features of Trellidor fixed burglar bars is that they are custom-made to fit each opening. This means that they fit the window space tightly, making it difficult for criminals to find a way inside the building. This provides a high level of protection against theft.

Fixed window burglar bar design options

There are several different fixed burglar bar designs and the choice for your commercial building will be guided by your budget, the purpose behind the burglar bars, the style of the building and limitations of the space to be protected.

Design options include:

  • Fixed fully framed trellis-style burglar bars.
  • Fixed semi-framed burglar bars in a choice of single X, double X or flat bar designs.
  • Fixed and fully framed mesh screens.
  • Fixed and fully framed Polycarbonate bars.
  • Fixed and fully framed cottage pane style burglar bars.

Where to fit fixed burglar bars for windows

Commercial buildings need a mix of window and door protection because the threat of a security breach could come from anywhere. This includes doors, windows, and ceilings. The building should be secure both when occupied and when vacant after hours.

The list of commercial buildings that Trellidor franchises have secured with fixed burglar bars on windows include:

  • Embassy housing, often in a secure housing complex. Specifications include high quality physical security barriers on all windows, on both ground and upper floors. This to prevent terrorist attacks and the theft of personal and other information.
  • Storage areas, such as stock rooms in business premises. The doors are frequently protected by sliding gates for access control and the windows fitted with fixed burglar bars to stop people from getting in via a window broken from the outside of the building.
  • Office windows, particularly at the back of the premises where there is little activity and people could break in unnoticed. This includes bathroom windows, no matter how small they appear.
  • Fixed windows adjacent to entrance doors to retail premises. These windows are protected by the burglar bars, even during trading hours. The burglar bars protect the commercial premises against street rioting and smash-and-grab attempts too.
  • Company housing, which, like embassy housing, is usually in a secure complex. Homes in these commercial estates need to be protected from petty theft and windows are easy access points.
  • Computer room windows in schools, universities, colleges, and other commercial buildings.
  • Pharmaceutical storage windows. Drug theft is rife and these facilities are particularly vulnerable, so the windows in these storage areas need barriers as much as the doors do.
  • Retail outlet back offices, which are generally out of view of customers and sales staff on the floor. Criminals could break in at the rear of the building without drawing attention to themselves if they are not prevented by fixed burglar bars on the windows.

When to fit fixed burglar bar designs

With a new build, it is a good idea to consult with a security expert during the designing of the commercial building. This helps to integrate the burglar proofing into the design of the building, and it will look less like an after-thought.

This approach also means that those involved in planning the building can choose burglar bar designs that will blend in with the style of the building. They will have more control over the ultimate look of the building from both the inside and the outside.

The design phase is the point at which the security expert can assist with specifications, such as the width of reveal necessary for a neat, seamless installation of fixed window burglar bars. New buildings are sometimes built with window reveals that are too narrow to fit burglar bars inside them. Or the window is positioned too far inside the reveal, leaving no space for the burglar bar.

The security company is then forced to opt for a face-on fit instead of being able to offer those occupying the building the choice of fitting the fixed burglar bars inside the reveal or face-on.

It is more common that Trellidor consultants are called in after the commercial building is complete. They are then asked to retro-fit security, from fixed burglar bars on windows to sliding gates, roller shutters and security screens on doors and windows.

Consultants are often called in after the commercial building has been raided, sometimes more than once. They will help to develop a security plan to protect the building from further break-ins.

Speak to a Trellidor expert

Who fits fixed burglar bars?

Trellidor fixed burglar bars can only be fitted by authorised Trellidor franchises and branches. This is because these products are custom-made and require specialised installation tools and expertise. It is also a requirement in terms of the Trellidor warranty.

Expertly manufactured and fitted burglar bar designs offer far better access control than off-the-shelf products. They have greater strength and offer more resistance to an attack by intruders.

It begins with the Trellidor sales consultant, who explains all the Trellidor fixed burglar bars features and helps customers choose the right product for the commercial building. These barriers are then manufactured to the measurements taken by the consultant and fitted by an authorised technician.

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