#TrellidorAnswers: Are Trellidor Fixed Burglar Bars Custom Manufactured?

Not all burglar bars for windows are custom manufactured. Some are made in common window sizes and are sold in hardware stores and other outlets. Trellidor custom makes all its security products, including fixed, steel burglar bars. These are the best burglar bars for windows. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that custom made burglar bars are usually much stronger than off-the-shelf ones that you fit yourself.


Fixed burglar bars are permanently fitted alongside a window. You can’t open them to clean windows or to use the window as an escape route if there is a fire or if criminals get into your home. As an alternative, you could choose more modern burglar bars designs that can open using a key. These burglar bars can be fitted to windows and doors.


But fixed steel burglar bars are still the most popular choice, usually because they are well priced and affordable. There are several different styles available, so it’s possible to select one that matches your door security for visual continuity.


What makes custom manufactured burglar bars strong?

Here are the top ten reasons why made to measure burglar bars are worth fitting.

  1. ‘Custom made’ means that a security expert comes to your home to measure your window or windows. These measurements are used to make a burglar bar unit to fit the space tightly. A tight-fitting burglar bar makes it hard for burglars to break through because there no weak points for them to leverage the burglar bar out. This is true whether they are internal burglar bars or external ones.
  2. Trellidor burglar bars are installed using tamper-proof fixings. This method of installation helps to prevent criminals from removing the burglar bars because this requires special tools that they’re unlikely to have as they can’t be bought off-the-shelf.
  3. Trellidor Fixed burglar bars have a full four-sided frame. This frame adds stability and strength to the burglar bars. Most store-bought burglar bars are not fully framed and are far easier to break through or damage enough for criminals to get through.
  4. With custom made burglar bars, you can select the strength you need from a range of options. So if you live in a gated community or housing development, you can pick a model that is strong enough for the lower risk of crime that you face in your home. Someone in a high-risk community would choose a stronger, more expensive burglar bar design.
  5. Custom manufactured burglar bars made by Trellidor have a long lifespan, making them worth the investment. This is because the burglar bars are treated to resist corrosion and the damaging effect of UV rays and then powder coated, which adds another layer of protection and a lovely, smooth surface.
  6. Using a company that makes burglar guards especially for your windows gives you the option of internal or external installation, and face-on fit or fitted into the window reveal. Your burglar bars will be designed according to your fitting preference.
  7. Trellidor custom-made burglar bars do not have to be white. You can choose a colour from the standard palette or request a colour that you really love. For example, charcoal and black are proving popular because they work so well with modern housing design.
  8. Customised burglar bars carry a dependable warranty against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion, something you don’t usually get with store bought burglar bars. With a well-established manufacturing company like Trellidor, you have the reassurance that there will always be someone to sort out any problems you may have with your burglar bars.
  9. Fixed burglar guards that are custom manufactured are fitted by experienced technicians. They use their expertise to ensure that the burglar bars are as tamper-proof as possible, giving you the best chance of keeping criminals out of your home.
  10. When the installation is complete, your Trellidor technician will do a handover that explains how to care for your burglar bars and make sure they stay strong and protect you for many years.


Because Trellidor Fixed burglar bars are custom manufactured, a security consultant visits your home to find out what you need in terms of home security. They will offer advice on which products to choose before measuring your windows. An order is then placed with the factory. Once your burglar bars have been made, they are shipped to your Trellidor franchise and fitted by a technician.

To find out more about these burglar bars, call your local Trellidor franchise and make an appointment for a site meeting or visit the showroom to see the product range.




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