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What is a safe zone and why do you need one?

A safe zone is a secure area within your home that can be locked down for the night when you go to bed.  It is also a haven to which you can retreat and wait for help if your home has been invaded by criminals. Here are some basic rules from Trellidor on how to create one.

Why do we need a safe zone?

‘Safe zone’ is just a handy phrase to describe a section of your home that has extra security precautions.  They’ve been around for a long time. Think of underground bunkers that the American mid-Westers use to sit out their famous twisters. Or sealed off rooms in the homes of billionaires, fully equipped with satellite phones and security cameras.

Most of us don’t need anything quite as elaborate as this. But we should all have an area in our homes that has extra defences against a criminal home invasion.  What we want to avoid is waking up at night to a threatening stranger in your room. Or hearing noises and realising there is nothing between you and the thieves removing your TV in the lounge.

Safe zones for kids

A safe zone can also put parents at ease when they have to leave children at home.  Children and their care givers can be taught to lock themselves into the safe zone if there is any sign of danger.  They can then call for help while waiting in this properly secured area.

Safe zones for adults too

Thinking along the same lines, safe zones work equally well for elderly parents that may not hear suspicious noises in time to take evasive action.  Locked inside their safe zone, they will hopefully escape any nasty confrontations.

Work spaces, too, benefit from safe zones.  If robbers get inside commercial premises, employees can hide out in a designated, well protected space. They can avoid the violence and fear that unfortunately often comes with such an invasion.

How to create a safe zone

The basics requirements for a safe zone are as follows:

  • Choose an appropriate area for your safe zone.  This is usually the bedroom section because if it’s properly secured you’ll be able to sleep at night without worrying about a security breach.
  • Install a reliable security barrier in the passage if it’s a single storey home or in suitable part of the staircase or landing if multi-storied.
  • Install security barriers on all windows in the safe area.
  • Make sure at least one of these windows has a security barrier that can open to create an alternative exit should you need one.  This will need some thorough planning in a multi-storey home.
  • Lock up when you go to bed at night. It is no good going to the trouble of securing this area if you don’t keep the security barriers closed and locked.

Suitable products to create your safe zone

Trellidor has a wide range of suitable barriers for your safe zone doors and windows.  Take a look at our range of safe zone security gates and windows barriers and see which would best suit your home.

Trellidor franchises have showrooms where you can view all these products.

Visit them to see these security gates and window barriers for yourself. 

Or call to make an appointment and a sales consultant will visit you on site to help you design your own safe zone.

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