Trellidor Flies on Mt Kenya

The Trellidor Kenya team proudly flew their flag on summiting the third highest peak on Mt Kenya

The staff of Trellidor Kenya embarked on a journey that few Kenyans undertake: a trek up Mt Kenya as a team building exercise. At over 5 000m it is second only to Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and proved to be quite a challenge for the team. They overcame all the odds, however, and showed the level of commitment that Trellidorians are capable of.

We planned to summit in early September during one of the two climbing seasons. These two seasons are separated by months of rain and unfavourable climbing conditions. The intention was to build team spirit,although many of the members were understandably not overly enthusiastic about the challenge to start with, said Trellidor Kenya Franchise Owner Mick Svinos.

The logistics for the three day trip were organised by James Kibui, Trellidor Kenya’s Nanyuki Showroom Manager, who is a former guide. Nanyuki is situated north of Nairobi, where Trellidor Kenya’s head office is located. The group was to walk up the mountain and summit its third highest peak, Point Lenana, which is at 4 985 metres.

It turned out to be a very well organised challenge, thanks to James. There were some shaky moments on the way up the mountain, but the team members all dug in deep. They needed to, especially when leaving the upper hut at 0200 hours for the final climb to the summit. We had to hike through snow and the bitter cold took its toll. Many of them are not used to sub-zero temperatures.

The group summited at 0600 hours and witnessed the incredibly beautiful sight of the sun coming up over Africa, a special moment for all. The whole team had made it and they proudly flew their Trellidor Kenya flag at the top.

In spite of the challenges, everyone enjoyed the climb. I was immensely proud of the team as this was a tough climb, one that not many Kenyans ever undertake. It certainly brought the team closer together and they all earned a well-deserved night out at the end, complete with sore legs and feet. Most said never again! Well, that is until the Trellidor Kenya Challenge next year!

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