The top 5 ways Security Screens can elevate your home’s interior design

Security screens are a brilliant interior design tool. They are multi-functional, modern in appearance and professionally tailored and fitted for each opening. Best of all, they are one of the most attractive security barriers on the market, with a neat aluminium frame and uncluttered, streamlined steel mesh central panel. Here are five ways security screens can have a positive impact on your home’s interior design.




1. Minimalist Design

Most forms of window and door protection are clunky and cluttered. Their main function is to protect the people inside the home from intruders trying to find a way in to steal possessions. Therefore, they are usually made from steel bars in various patterns.

Security screens are vastly different. They consist of a tidy woven steel mesh panel with an understated aluminium frame on all four sides. This design is clean lined and does not detract from all the other beautiful finishings and decorations in your home.

The simple style of security screens blends in with any type of home, from town house developments to countryside barn conversions. They may become a talking point because they are lovely to look at and are see-through. But they won’t have any negative impact on carefully thought-out décor.




2. Cool Colours

A well-designed home’s colour palette reflects the people that live in it and what they want out of their living space. Colour trends move in a cycle over the decades, so homeowners may change their interior and exterior colour palette over time. This is why one of the home security trends has been to opt for white burglar proofing. White usually blends in with any colour scheme so is seen as ‘safe.’

But there are other routes to take to stay on trend. One of the benefits of Trellidor Clear Guard and GriffinGuard security screens is that there is an interesting range of colour options that will stand the test of time. Colours like charcoal, aluminium, and stone grey will stay fresh through many décor colour trend changes. Home security screens framed in black, bronze or sand will also stay relevant in a constantly changing world.

It is important to remember that the security screen mesh stays the same colour, which is black. The steel strands that make up the mesh are specially coated to make them smooth to the touch and to prevent corrosion. It is the aluminium frame that is powder coated in your chosen colour.




3. Panoramic Views

When you’ve designed your entertainment area to make the most of a stunning view, the last thing you want is to block the view with burglar bars and security gates. The choice here is to have no protection while you’re relaxing, enjoying the view, or to look at it through bars. Because unfortunately, security is not a choice in South Africa, it’s a necessity.

This is where sliding security screen doors and security mesh screen for windows really come into their own. The mesh is see-through so you can appreciate your scenic view without any clutter. And you’ll be protected from any danger at the same time.

Security screens are not just for entertainment areas. Get them fitted to all your windows and doors that offer a lovely view. This way, you’ll always be able to enjoy it, no matter where you are in your home.




4. Multi-Purpose

Everyone appreciates value for money, and security screen doors manufactured in South Africa certainly provide this. This is because they solve many interior design problems such as the following:

  • Climate control – mesh screens filter out excessive heat and allows fresh air flow into the home, moderating interior temperatures.
  • Protects furniture – the mesh blocks the sun’s UV rays to a degree, so it helps to protect furniture from sun damage and fading.
  • Insect control – mosquitoes and flies can’t get through the fine holes in the mesh. You can avoid these summer hazards by installing security screens on windows and doors.
  • Monkeys and baboons – these are a problem all over South Africa. Security screens are a humane way of blocking them out of your beautifully designed home.
  • Human intruders – the screens are strong enough to withstand an assault by thieves trying to get into your home. They also prevent petty theft in secure estates by simply being present in your windows and doors, blocking them from opportunists.
  • Provide privacy – mesh security screen doors and windows are see-through when you’re looking outside, but not so much when passersby are looking inside. This creates privacy, which is especially desirable in an estate where residents often do their exercise.




5. Tailor Made

Fixtures and fittings that are custom-made usually fit better, look neater, and do a better job than off-the-shelf ones. This applies to metal security screen doors and windows too. A screen made to measure will fit the space more snugly and in keeping with thoughtful interior design.

Trellidor GriffinGuard and Clear Guard security screens can be customised to fit any type of door or window. The design of the screens will accommodate handles and other hardware so that the screens fit neatly and in tune with a beautifully styled home.

The security screen configuration chosen for each opening will depend on the way the window or door opens and on the space available for the installation. The options are:

  • Fixed screens that do not move and have no lock.
  • Awning windows.
  • Hinged or casement doors and windows.
  • French doors and windows
  • Bi-fold or folding doors and windows.
  • Sash windows.
  • Sliding doors and windows.




Well made security screens will definitely uplift the style of any home and offer many benefits that make them excellent value for money. Visit a Trellidor showroom near you to see these security screens first hand.

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