The Myth About Slam Locks

There is a misconception in the market place, that slam locks are always best for security gates. Here’s why that’s dangerous talk.

Where does the slam lock concept come from?

The concept of a security door locking on closing has been around since the advent of Yale locks.  It is an old system, so the slam lock idea is not new.  In fact, the Yale cylinder lock was designed by Linus Yale Jnr in the late 1800’s and was based on a mechanism dating back to the Ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago!

So why is the slam lock popular in this day and age?  It has several positive aspects that people assume make them ideal for security gates:  they’re quick to lock; they can be primed and made ready for locking at any time; you don’t need a key to lock the security gate; and the Trellidor slam lock is patented and very strong.  But not as strong as the Trellidor deadlock.

The negatives associated with slam locks, however, are as follows: 

  • It’s very easy to lock yourself out accidently.  Or for a child to lock themselves in or out by mistake, with you stranded on the other side of the gate.
  • Many gates with this type of lock require two keys in two separate locks to lock the gate, which is a cumbersome arrangement and encourages unsafe short cuts such as using only one key in a hurry.  
  • The slam lock designed locks are traditionally weaker and more vulnerable under attack than the deadlock systems.

The Trellidor slam lock requires only one key in one key hole, making it simple to use and therefore more likely to be used consistently.  For added security, the Trellidor slam lock key engages in two or three different places inside the lock style.

Why deadlocks are better?

The lock recommended by Trellidor is the deadlock, which is fitted standard to Trellidor Retractable T700, T800 and T900.  Why is this the preferred locking system?  There are several reasons:

  •  The Trellidor deadlock locks use one key in one key hole.
  • It locks securely with a single throw or turn of the key.
  • It locks in two or three places in the lock stile, not just in one place, adding to its strength.
  • It is a stronger design than a slam lock.
  • No activation is needed to lock the gate.

There is no danger of locking yourself out or of children accidently locking themselves in a room or outside the home.

There is no slam lock mode in deadlocks, but it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to slam a lock in an emergency.  Break-in reports show that home invaders are more likely to get into your home through a door that’s left unlocked, or they try to break in through an unsecured door or window.

New lock technology

Just like the Yale family in America constantly improved on their locking systems over generations, so Trellidor embraces new technology as it becomes available.  A new deadlock cylinder has been introduced on the Trellidor Retractable T700, T800 and T900.  It has a shorter cylinder, making it a neater fit inside our security gates, and has other benefits including:

  • Each security gate is supplied with a branded security card, keys and box.
  • The cylinder is more secure and resistant to tampering.
  • The system allows for many more different combinations, increasing security levels.
  • The computer cut short key has an individual, secure code that requires customer ID to procure additional keys. 
  • Trellidor provides quick, effective and secure key replacement.
  • The cylinder is in a modern brushed silver as opposed to brass.
  • This lock is unique to Trellidor.

Find out more about the Trellidor deadlock system by contacting your nearest Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor.

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