Smart integrated security with Trellidor commercial divisions

Trellidor Commercial Manager Paul van Blerk demonstrates how easy it is to operate an automated Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter through integrated security measures.


Homes and commercial buildings are increasingly becoming electronically controlled, with automated functions such as the switching on and off of lights at designated times.  This trend towards smart integrated security includes physical barriers, and a number of Trellidor’s barrier ranges can be linked to electronic control centres for convenience as well as access control.



Says Trellidor Commercial Division manager Paul van Blerk:  We’ve worked with a number of building developers and national chains to automate their physical security solutions.  Our barriers can be linked into building management systems, opening up a range of options in terms of controlling the building’s functions through integrated security solutions.

Integrated security functions range from the automatic opening of security doors in the event of a fire to access control doors with electronic facilities such as biometric identification systems to pre-programmed opening and closing times.

Access control through integrated security

We’re currently working with a national chain that uses fingerprint identification to open up the roller shutters guarding each outlet.  At the start of trading hours the authorised manager’s fingerprint on the biometric reader triggers the shutter’s opening.  It’s a simple, quick and safe way of providing integrated security and avoiding unauthorised entry.

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Developers and specifiers are welcome to contact Trellidor’s Commercial Division to discuss current and future projects.  Advance planning for access control and defence mechanisms allows van Blerk and his team to make recommendations on construction features necessary to accommodate access control systems, ensuring that integrated security blends in seamlessly with the building. 



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