Safe Haven Shutter Saves Durban Family

Family saved by Rollerstyle safe haven shutter

A malicious team of five armed men was stopped in their tracks by a Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter. The men had broken into the home through an unprotected door. They tried to kick their way through the passageway safe haven shutter to reach the family. But they were foiled in their attempt.

Trellidor Durban West created safe haven

“The family was asleep in their bedroom area when the incident occurred,” said Trellidor Durban West franchise owner Sumashan Govender.

“Fortunately we had helped them to create a safe haven in this part of the house. This make it difficult for the robbers to get to them. It gave the family time to alert their armed response service, who arrived within minutes of the call.”

Safe zones are a critical element of ones home security arsenal. In most homes they are easy to create with a strong and reliable security door or gate in the passage or at the top of the staircase. This gate or door should be kept closed and locked at night to avoid being caught by surprise by robbers. That is precisely what this family did with their Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter. And it turned out to be the right course of action.

In addition, it is essential to have protection on all windows in the safe zone. This is to block the robbers out.

The Durban family had alarm sensors on all the bedroom windows. And they had an additional Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter to protect a sliding door that leads outside. Burglar proofing on the windows added another excellent barrier to entry.

The robbers were unable to get into the safe zone. The managed to only dent the Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter, not breach it. They ran away when they heard the armed response vehicle arrive.

It was a lucky escape for this family as the robbers had shot the occupant of another home nearby in an earlier robbery attempt the same night.

It was a frightening experience for the family as they could see it all unfold on their CCTV cameras. They could clearly see that the men were armed and definitely dangerous. This incident has confirmed how important a safe haven is in a home. At Trellidor we will continue to strongly encourage customers to go this route.

Sumashan and his Trellidor Durban West team offer free security assessments to customers in their franchise area and are more than willing to help them plan their own safe haven at home.

All Trellidor franchises offer this service. Find your nearest Trellidor franchise and call them in to ensure you’re as safe as can be at night.



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