Reasons Why Trellidor Retractable Security Gate is Still a Winner

Trellidor Retractable security gates are still our most popular protection for doors and windows.

Here are some good reasons why:

Let the outdoors in

It may look more traditional alongside our new ranges, but Trellidor Retractable is still one of the most practical sliding security gates on the market. 

One often cited reason is that when your doors and windows are open and the retractable security barriers are closed and locked, you can still enjoy the outdoors.  Sun, light and air flow inside freely so you don’t feel hemmed in.  But you do feel protected from any dangers lurking in the garden.

Easy to use

Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates have been carefully designed to work easily.  You wouldn’t think that there could be any difference between one sliding security gate and the next, but some poorly constructed designs are difficult to open and close.  Sometimes they’re stiff to open and bulky when stacked to the side.

The Trellidor design is specially made to open and close smoothly. It also stacks neatly to the side. 

As long as you follow a simple, regular maintenance program you won’t have any problems in this regard.  We put our gate components through a special anti-corrosion process, so our sliding security gates work well even at the coast.

An image of a Retractable Security Gate


Uncomplicated lock

One of the most practical aspects of Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates is that they open and close using one key and one key hole.  You don’t have to struggle with multiple keys and locks when you’re in a hurry or a panic. 

The key operates three locking points within the lock stile in our patented dead-lock system. This provides extra strength locking strength and security. 

These locks have other strengthening features that make them unique and dependable. Ask your local Trellidor franchise to explain the difference between these locks and others on the market.

A model to suit your budget

Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates are available in several different models.  There is one to suit every budget as well as the risk profile of the door or window it will protect. 

For example, if your home is in a high crime risk area, it’s advisable to choose a stronger, more expensive sliding security gate. 

Your local Trellidor franchise will advise on the best models to choose for your particular circumstances.

For doors and windows

Trellidor sliding security gates are also popular because they are not just for doors. They can be fitted to windows too. All the benefits already mentioned apply to Trellidor Retractable security gates for windows, with the added bonus of being able to open the window security gates to clean the windows with ease.


the ultimate crime barrier

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