Overwhelmed By Negativity? Here’s What You CAN Control

If we lived our lives according to newspaper headlines, we’d never get up in the morning. Because if those headlines are to be believed, fatal shootings have sky rocketed and the murder rate is outstripping population growth, amongst other disasters.

There may be an element of truth in these sensational statements, but it isn’t helpful to most of us trying to go about our daily lives. So here is my take on how to combat the blues brought on by dramas that seem to be spiralling out of control: fix the things you have some say over and unless you’re in public office or part of a large activist movement of some kind, don’t waste time worrying about the rest.

Following this train of thought, we can’t do much on an individual level about the proliferation of violent crime, but we can protect ourselves from criminals at home and work. There are loads of tips on how to stay safe in various situations on the Trellidorblog site as well as ideas on how to blend physical security into your lifestyle. But here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Improve physical security at home and work. This means making it as difficult as possible for criminals to get at you.

  • Burglar proofing on windows and security gates on doors give you a good chance of stopping robbers and gun-wielding thugs from getting into your home or place of work. Keep them closed and preferably locked at all times.

  • Add other layers of security such as burglar alarms and sensor beams. Don’t be lazy about using these it only takes a minute or two for home invaders to get in, so use all your security measures at all times.

  • Make it a habit to lock security doors. Yes, it’s a nuisance letting the dog in and out, but rather that than allowing burglars to walk in through open security gates.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If someone looks suspicious, call armed response to check and don’t let them onto your property.

  • The same goes for public spaces. Don’t fall for sob stories rather direct people in need to the nearest police station if they need help. Ask anyone that’s been the victim of a scam and they’ll tell you how stupid they were to believe it.

These may seem like small, trivial things but they can make a big difference to your peace of mind. Once you have these under control, you can move onto the bigger issues. Or stop buying newspapers!

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Contributor: Lindy Barry

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