Other Openings Clear Guard Screens Can Protect

Security screens are usually installed alongside doors and windows to protect people against criminals. They provide an extra layer of safety, forcing home invaders to try to break through the barrier to get inside a home, commercial building, or hospitality establishment. But clear guard security screens have additional uses too and there are many other openings that they can be used to protect.

First, an explanation of what clear guard screens are. In South Africa, security screen doors and windows are made by Trellidor in two designs. One is a very strong security screen made for properties in medium to high crime risk areas. They are similar in strength to high end steel security gates.

There are also screens that are strong and reliable but at a lower price point for medium crime risk locations. These products are ideal for homes in gated communities, homes and offices in high rise buildings, hospitals and industrial kitchens.

All these clear guard screens consist of a woven, coated stainless steel mesh panel. And all of them have a full, four-sided frame that makes this product strong and robust.


Where are security screens used?

Security screens can be custom-made in different formats. These range from sliding screens to bi-folds (similar to bi-fold glass doors) to awning windows and other variations. This means that you can use them just about anywhere. Here are some ideas:

  1. Around entertainment areas

    Quite often a patio leading off a lounge or dining room does not have any doors on its outer edge, just supporting pillars. This is a perfect position for security screens at home, in a hotel or B and B, a restaurant or a bush lodge. The mesh screen blocks out insects that can be a real nuisance, particularly at night, and this outdoor space can be enjoyed at any time as a result.Clear guard screens around a patio provide protection from home invaders too. The invaders could be criminals that are denied entry by these protective screens. Or it could be wildlife such as elephants wandering around a hotel in the bush.

    The beauty of the screens is that you can see clearly through the mesh, so the view is not spoiled. This is important if you enjoy looking out over your garden or love bird watching from your patio. Or if you are a bush lodge manager that does not want guests to miss out on that close-up view of the elephants, which they can do behind the safety of clear guard screens.

  2. As a safe zone door
    Most people choose trellis-style sliding security gates or a roller shutter to close off their bedroom area to create a safe haven at night. Home security screens, however, can work just as well, provided you choose one of the higher strength versions.

    There are several advantages to using a clear guard screen as a safe zone door. The first is that you can easily see what is happening on the other side of the door because the mesh is see-through. If you’ve had a break-in, you will know it is not a false alarm and can alert your security provider.

    The second is that clear screens are neat and sleek, so they do not look like security doors and do not clutter up your doorway. Even when closed and locked, the security screens add an element of style to your décor.

    And thirdly, clear guard screens allow air to flow through the mesh into your bedroom area. This is an important factor in South Africa where summer nights can be hot and stuffy. You don’t have to lose out on a night breeze when your security door is locked to ensure your safety while sleeping.


  1. As an alternative to security gates on the front door
    The first door that most of us secure is the front door, and more often than not, we choose steel security gates. Framed, stainless steel security screens are a lovely alternative. They look very stylish, so they improve the ‘street appeal’ of your home plus they offer a high level of protection.

    The screens are a great option if you like to be able to see what is happening outside and who is approaching your home because they are see-through. Your front door can be left open for fresh air and sunlight while you are safe behind the locked clear guard screen door.

    Trellidor security screen designs have shown their strength in aggressive attack tests carried out at the factory. These tests prove that well-made mesh screens offer the same level of safety as steel gates, so they can be fitted with confidence that they will do the same job.


  1. ‘Double duty’ as window security and a serving hatch
    Kitchen windows that look out onto an entertainment area are the perfect location for security screens. When closed, the screens act as security barriers against any break-in attempt. When open, the screens bring the outdoors in, and make it easy to pass food and drinks through the ‘hatch’.

    The bonus here is that this type of kitchen window often looks out onto a pretty garden or pool deck and even closed screens provide a clear view of whatever is beyond the window.


Which security screens are best?

Not all door and window screens are ‘security’ screens, and not all security screens are the same. The screen you choose should fit the purpose. If you just need fly screens and not security, then there is no need to select a product that does more than just keep insects out of your home.

If you need security, however, then there are still choices to make. As with all forms of security, some products are stronger than others. The best idea is to visit your security provider’s showroom and inspect the various options available before making your decision.

To see the range of security screens you can choose from, find your nearest Trellidor franchise and visit the showroom where you’ll be able to test these products and ask questions about them.

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