New Technology Keeps Trellidor Products Ahead

Powder coating is a critical process in the production of physical security barriers like gates and burglar bars. An inefficient spraying process can result in an enormous amount of waste and consequent costs. Trellidor has worked with international partners to install industry-leading technology that reduces waste and results in a high-quality, corrosion-resistant product finish.

“We recently upgraded our manual powder coating line to a new plant manufactured by Electron Powder Coating in Turkey and installed by local agents Coating Techniques South Africa,” said Trellidor Production Manager Wayne Halgryn.

Waste recovery process

The process has gone from ‘spray to waste’ where there was no recovery of powder that fell onto the spray booth floor to a ‘full recovery’ system. About 55% of the paint powder previously went to waste, whereas now only 12% goes to waste.

The upgrade was a R1.6 million investment by Trellidor. The plant was made to specification and incorporates six auto-guns for long paint runs. It can accommodate up to seven colour changes in a day, making it a flexible system that can cater to customer requested colours.

This new powder coating system is one of two state-of-the-art powder coating facilities at the Trellidor factory in Durban, South Africa.

Leaders in environment friendly technology

In 2008 the company invested R25 million in new roll forming machines and a mainline powder coating plant used to coat both steel and aluminium products.

The main plant is still one of the best in the country and is now currently utilizing the latest in pre-treatment technology from PPG. PPG’s ULTRAX is a patented degreasing product. Designed with energy efficiency and the environment in mind, its low operating temperature saves power, while its biodegradable surfactants have the lowest oxygen demand of any product on the market.

PPG’s X-BOND is responsible for the corrosion protection side of the process. At the cutting edge of Zirconium Nano-Technology, X-BOND is even currently in use by the US Military and is trusted to protect their valuable military assets.

With this in mind, Trellidor customers can be assured that their Trellidor products are engineered to the highest standards of corrosion protection.

The Nordson and CTSA powder application equipment used to coat Trellidor products is material efficient, adding to the plant’s efficiencies.  

The technology used to transfer powder from hoppers to the spray guns was a ‘first’ in the Southern Hemisphere in 2008. It is healthier for the operator as temperatures are controlled in both lines at a comfortable level, there is less physical contact with the powder and less opportunity for accidents.

High quality coating means high quality products

From the customer’s viewpoint, these innovations in the Trellidor powder coating process results in a better product. Both powder coating plants enhance the appearance and lifespan of the security barriers once installed in a home or office.

The quality of the coating is one of the factors that determines how long the barrier will last as well as the length of the warranty. The high standard of the Trellidor powder coating systems ensures that security barriers produced at the plant are corrosion resistant even when installed in coastal locations.

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