Is Trellidor Clear Guard Burglar Proofing Made From Glass?

Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing is manufactured to work the same way as your door or window, like this sliding unit that has its own tracks.

No glass is used to make Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing

burglar proofing

In this picture you can see right through the closed Trellidor Clear Guard security screen doors to the outside view as well as the open glass bi-fold doors

We’ve had lots of questions about our new Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing screens as it’s a completely new concept in security barriers.  There is a bit of confusion about what it actually is and how it works so here are a few points to remember:

  • Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are made from a stainless steel mesh panel held inside an aluminium frame.
  • The mesh panel is made from high tensile steel but you’re able to see right through it, which is probably where the confusion with glass comes in.  It’s actually tightly woven steel stretched within the aluminium frame and your eye sees beyond this screen to the view outside.
  • These burglar proofing screens don’t replace your existing glass doors and windows they’re fitted parallel to your existing doors and windows to help protect them against a break-in.

Trend-setting burglar proofing

The other attraction is that these burglar proofing screens are made to work the same way as your home’s doors and windows.  So if you have sash windows, your Trellidor Clear Guard security screen will be manufactured for you as sash units, fitted right next to your glass sash window.  This is another aspect that makes it very discreet burglar proofing.Our security screens have been a very welcome alternative to conventional security gates and burglar bars because they look so different to the usual products used to protect doors and windows.  They’re uncluttered, mainly because you can see through them, but also because the aluminium frame and screen are very sleek in design.

Don’t confuse our Trellidor Clear Guard BURGLAR PROOFING SECURITY SCREENS with insect screens either!

burglar proofing

Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing security screens have an aluminium frame that encases a mesh screen and are not made from glass.

IIn Australia and similar countries plagued by flies and other insects, you can purchase screens that look similar to our Trellidor Clear Guard units, but they’re definitely not security barriers.  Our screens were specially developed as a security barrier and performed extremely well in strength tests.   The advantage, of course, is that they perform double-duty, helping to keep out criminals as well as insects, monkeys, baboons and snakes.

Watch the video to see how strong our Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing security screens are.

And to see Trellidor Clear Guard burglar proofing security screens installed in homes visit our website.

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