How to Use Louvre Shutters as Space Dividers

Aluminium louvre security shutters are an elegant alternative to curtains, blinds, and security barriers on your windows, or as security doors instead of steel gates. And they’re also a simple and effective way to divide up your space, creating separate areas for different functions or even just a bit of privacy.

An important spin-off is that security shutters room dividers will ramp up the security in your home, even if that is not your main intention. They add another layer of protection to whatever security measures you already have, and they do it with such style and grace.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose Trellidor shutters as room dividers in your home:

  • They are custom-made so that they fit perfectly into the space.
  • They can be made in a format to suit your space. Bi-fold doors are most often used as they stack neatly to one or both sides of the opening, but you can also select sliding louvre shutters, French doors, or hinged doors.
  • You can choose a shutter colour to suit your décor, either to blend in with your colour scheme or to make a design statement in a strong colour.
  • The louvres are easy to tilt so that you can control light penetration, airflow, and visibility.
  • The shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system for secure locking.
  • The lock is accessible from both sides of the shutter, making it easy to lock or unlock from either side, depending on which room you are in.
  • The shutter design is uncluttered and streamlined, with no external levers or rods because operating mechanisms are concealed inside the shutter. This makes them neat and ideal for an inside installation.
  • Trellidor shutters are made from aluminium and are pre-treated against corrosion, then powder coated in your choice of colour. This process makes them long lasting, even in coastal homes.

Living space dividers

Many modern homes have open plan living areas where the family gathers to cook, share meals, watch TV, or just spend time together. Sometimes, though, it makes sense to close off one part of this free-flowing space.

It could be because there is some serious cooking going on in the kitchen and you want to stop the smells from over-powering everyone. Or a noisy crowd is around the dining room table and you need to avoid waking up sleeping children in the bedroom area.

Whatever the reason, louvre security shutters are a convenient way of dividing up the space so that it works for everyone in it. They are easy to open and close and effective in creating the necessary privacy.

Aluminium louvre shutters are an excellent tool for securing exceptionally large homes internally. Use them to divide the internal space for all the reasons mentioned above. But in addition, if home invaders gain access to one part of the home, locked shutters internally will prevent them from getting into other rooms within the home.

Working space dividers

Many of us work from home since the Covid-19 lockdowns began and this has created some logistical problems within our homes, whether we live alone or with family or friends. How do you create a space that designates your work area and gives you the privacy you need to function?

Then there is the problem of virtual meetings. There are so many anecdotes about family members or pets creating embarrassing problems in full view of clients or team members because everyone is using the same space.

There are many stories, too, about people forgetting to mute their mikes so the whole meeting can hear the kids squabbling in the background or the delivery arriving from an online store.

All these problems can be solved by room dividers. Use security shutters to close off the working space and you’ll achieve the following:

  • When the shutters are closed, other members of the household will know you are working and must keep out.
  • The shutters will help to mute some of the sound of others in the household.
  • You will be able to concentrate far better behind the shutters, with no distraction.
  • A closed off area hides work clutter from visitors and OCD family members.
  • Shutters also allow you to close off your work area at the end of the day so that you are not tempted to continue working when you should be resting and reviving.

Take a look at these ideas:

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  • Create private office space with louvre shutters. It is easy to do with Trellidor Louvre Shutters louvre doors.
  • Louvre shutters close off the dining room in open plan homes. You don’t have to see the clutter left in the kitchen while you enjoy the meal.
  •  Shutters separate the lounge when needed, such as when the TV gets too loud or you need an extra layer of security at bedtime.

Trellidor outlets offer a range of customised louvre security shutters, so find your nearest authorised supplier.

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