How to Tighten Up Security as Crime Wave Hits Estates in SA

In the last 12 months, Fidelity Services Group has noticed an increasing number of security incidents occurring in estates and complexes. The rapid increase in security incidents has prompted many properties to relook their security options to ensure they are well-protected.

Fidelity Services Group mentioned that the incidents that have been occurring are problematic as most residents who live in estates and complexes have the false impression that they do not have to worry about their security, despite the country having high crime rates. Regardless of how safe residents think their secured complexes are, there is always the possibility that theft and burglaries may occur inside and outside the complex.

Many complexes and estates have started combining their electrified barriers and guarding options with a more high-tech solution, such as drones. Drones enable a rapid response to criminal incidents and scenes that might occur. The deployment of drones in security estates can be beneficial as it increases proactive crime prevention and gives residents the ability to plan crime prevention operations. Drones are high-tech innovations, and they represent the future of security. However, they work best when combined with another integrated security offering.

One of the most significant issues that cause security vulnerabilities in secured estates is when they are not fully let or when construction workers are on the property. They must add a visitor management system as it increases the estate’s security. Many estates have security cameras, alarm systems, access control and security officers. However, a visitor management system increases the efficiency of these security measures.

If you live in an estate, you should ensure that you have security contingency planning, monitoring security systems, and regular security drills. All the residents should have the alarms and additional security measures for their units. There have been instances when criminals posed as residents moving into complexes and broke into houses before moving out with goods they had stolen from other residents. When looking for security measures for your unit, refrain from cutting corners. Ensure that you choose a service provider with an excellent service rating and that is reliable. You should get at least three quotes, and though it may be tempting to select the cheapest service provider, it could become more expensive in the long run.

Access control is also an essential security solution. Having a security guard who operates the gate and can patrol the estate when there is an issue is crucial. The estate entrance should be manned at all times, even if residents have access cards. The guard would be responsible for alerting a reaction company if the security of the estate is compromised or they needed assistance managing the threat. Though security systems are beneficial, they can be nullified if there is little to no provision for the security of the guards on duty. With the high crime waves in estates, when criminals target estates, they might observe security guards and hold them at gunpoint, allowing them to enter the estate at leisure.

With a visitor management system, you can record all the guests’ information with the assistance of a visitor sign-in app. This enables you to easily and quickly analyse, search and retrieve your visitor-related data anytime. The data saved can be exported to generate reports based on your specific requirements. The information collected can also be used for security investigations, and it can also be used for building audit billings. Estates can also use a visitor management system for visitor badges with photos that are automatically printed after their required information has been logged in, making it a necessary tool to identify when someone is a guest.

Estates must conduct regular inspections to check the entire site internally and externally at least once every month. The primary purpose of these inspections is to identify problems and risks and repair or correct the issues. The site inspections should look for any damage to parameter wires, breakages, security beams, entrance gates, and faulty cameras.

Residents will need to use various service providers for different services, such as installation and appliance repairs. The estate must have a list of approved service providers that residents can use and define the process for a new service provider to conduct work in the estate. Having some requirements that service providers and residents should follow will ensure that only reputable companies gain access to the estate. If any security incidents were to occur, you would have the personal details of the service provider on record, making it easier to question them.

Lastly, the estate must have a regular forum or meetings for residents to discuss any security issues, specific security incidents that have occurred, issues relating to access control, new crime statistics, and information on active syndicates in the area. The forum will ensure that there are high-security levels, and it also promotes effective internal communication amongst residents.



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