How to spot ‘too-good-to-be-true’ guarantees

Here is why you need to base your home safety decisions on more than just an empty promises of ultra long guarantees:

1. All security barrier suppliers have to provide a warranty anyway

The SA Consumer Protection Act protects you against defective goods, so nobody has to make unrealistic promises to assure you of good service.  You have an implied right to a warranty that goods you purchase comply with the requirements and standards of being safe, of good quality and durable in this Act.

2. Its often hard to get incredible guarantees honoured

Too-good-to-be-true guarantees usually require you to jump through several hoops before they can be fulfilled. These guarantees are conditional on factors such as where the security gate is fitted and how you’ve maintained it.  If the gate is fitted outside your door rather than inside your home, for example, it may not be covered under the guarantee.

3. Fabulous guarantees often apply to selected products only

When you sign up with the promise of a very attractive guarantee in mind, remember to check whether the product you’ve ordered carries the advertised guarantee.  Companies usually have different guarantee or warranty periods due to differences in the products.  Some products lend themselves to longer guarantees than others.

4. Where you live can affect the guarantee

Your salesperson may neglect to tell you that if you live at the coast or, in fact, any corrosive environment, the fantastically long guarantee may not apply to your purchase.  Even if it does, you are responsible for cleaning it regularly and if you don’t, the guarantee may become null and void.

5. Guarantees usually apply to workmanship and materials only

Remember to always read the fine print!  Yes, it is boring but this is the only way of telling if the guarantee is of any use to you and whether or not it should affect your purchase decision.  And remember too that under the Consumer Protection Act you have a right to have terms and conditions explained to you in plain language, not legal language that can be deliberately confusing.

Trellidor provides realistic guarantees that are honoured

Trellidor offers sound, realistic warranties on all our products, no matter where they are fitted.  

We have faith in the ability of our barriers to withstand local conditions such as marine environments due to our superior manufacturing and powder coating processes.

Our products carry warranties in terms of quality, defective workmanship, materials and corrosion resistance.  The length of the warranty differs with each range.

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