How To Do A Quick Home Security Audit

With very little left to do in the way of garden chores until spring, why not use the extra time to do a home security audit?  Trellidor shows you how to check on your home security systems:

  • Inspect your windows:  check all burglar bars for signs of wear and tear.  Are your burglar guards fixed into rotting wooden window frames?  Have the screws on the burglar proofing rusted? Are welded security bars loose?  If they can’t be repaired, replace them.  Worn units can easily be kicked or bashed inwards for criminals to gain entry.  Also, if you don’t have any window security that opens, think about installing some of these now.  They can be a life-saver in an emergency such as fire or home invasion. 
  • Check your security gates:  are all your external doors protected by security doors? Do retractable security gates slide open and closed easily?  They may need cleaning, as per your manufacturer’s instructions, but never spray anything into the keyhole and lock. Rusted sliding gates should be replaced with newer, more technologically advanced versions, especially if they’re in a high risk location.  Roller shutter motors need to be checked by an expert once a year, so phone your supplier if this hasn’t been done for a while.
  • Find any exploitable gaps: is every window and external door secured with a barrier?  It’s no use selecting only a few to secure because robbers will use any unsecured access point to get inside.  Talk to your home security barrier supplier about creating a safe area in your home, such as sealing off the bedroom wing with a security door in the passage or at your stairway.
  • Key control: check who has door and security gate keys, especially if you’ve moved into a previously occupied home.  If you didn’t receive a full set of keys from the original owner, get the locks changed.  Your local Trellidor franchise can do this for you on your Trellidor products.  Keep security gate keys in a safe place where thieves won’t find them easily, especially if they’ve gained entry elsewhere and now need to get out with your possessions.
  • Customised gate keys: Ask your security gate suppliers for a randomly allocated key for the gate used most by employees and the family, so only one lock has to be replaced if the key is lost or stolen.  The rest of the sliding security gates can be keyed alike.

All Trellidor franchises offer free home security assessments, so if you’re unsure of what to look for and want help, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise.

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