How to Burglar Proof Your Aluminium Windows & Doors

News channels have been flooded with reports of a rise in house burglaries, with a focused target on homes with aluminium windows. Burglaries are undoubtedly commonplace in several parts of the world, but aluminium windows and doors are a special target. Criminals find it easy to target these homes as they can easily remove the window panes by clipping away the rubber beading. Often, these are poorly installed or of below-average quality, making it easier for thieves to gain access to your house.

Substandard window parts should never come in the way of your safety and security. A slight increase in cost and quality will benefit you in the long run, as it will keep you safe, while also undoing the need for frequent improvements or adjustments to your house.

Burglars and thieves usually enter your house the same way you do – by using the doors. Homes that have more than one entry-point are soft-targets, as people often invest in high-grade security for one entry, while completely forgetting about the others. In saying so, windows must also be completely secured, especially if you are not at home. To ensure absolute safety for you and your family, it is in your best interest to completely secure your house doors, windows, basement and garage doors, and the patio door.

Aluminium door and window burglar proofing

While it is practically impossible to deter criminals from doing what they do, it is upon us to ensure that we are keeping ourselves, our families and our homes as safe as possible. When thieves choose to burgle a house, they often pick homes that have weak or poor security systems. The intention behind choosing complex security measures is to stall the burglars for time. A thief will most likely not spend hours to break into a house; so, keeping this in mind, we must understand that time is of the essence. Choosing security measures that can delay the burglars from entering your home will help you turn them away and break down the attack. If they spend too much time breaking into a house, the chances of them getting caught are higher. This strategy will deter burglars from choosing your house as a target.

For this reason, burglar-proofing your house involves quite a few steps that will help you prevent burglaries. If you have aluminium doors and windows, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your house is completely secured:

  • The first step in aluminium doors burglar proofing is to ensure that all your exterior doors are solid-core. These types of doors are either completely filled with wood or wood composite materials, fitted inside a wooden frame. One way to ensure that these solid-core aluminium doors remain sturdy is to make sure that they are fitted with heavy-duty deadbolts. Adding these bolts will give the frame a firmer structure.
  • When it comes to windows, ensure that you apply a window film to all of your aluminium windows. One of the main reasons people opt for window films is to filter out the harsh sunlight. These films are primarily intended to keep the interiors of the house cool. When it comes to aluminium windows burglar proofing, a window tint will help to make the glass shatter-proof. This way, when burglars attempt to break the window, it will prove to be a bigger hassle for them.

In addition to this, one of the best burglar-proofing tips for aluminium windows is to opt for a tinted window film for your exterior windows. A tinted film will prevent burglars and thieves from peeping inside your house, giving you the utmost privacy and security in your home.

  • Yet another handy investment for aluminium doors burglar proofing is to opt for door jammers wherever possible. The main purpose of having jammers is to prevent intruders from coming in through all the external entry points. Jammers are reliable, and the market has plenty of options that are of both good quality and inexpensive.

When it comes to aluminium sliding doors on your patio, you should choose brackets instead of jammers. Burglars often target patio doors as they can be easily lifted open. Brackets can be screwed on in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for intruders to lift open the sliding door on your patio.

  • Often, people are so busy securing all the entry points on the ground level that they forget about the roof of the house. People often leave their roof windows and skylights open to let in some fresh air and light, but forget to close them when they are heading outside. If your roof is accessible by means of a pipe or a tree, it becomes very easy for a burglar to enter your house through the roof window. You must ensure that all points of access on the roof are properly secured using heavy-duty material.
  • Lastly, remember to install deadbolts for all aluminium doors located next to a window. Burglars often try to open the main door by accessing the window next to it, which makes it very easy for them to gain entry into your house. In addition to deadbolts, remember to invest in captive key locks with removable thumb latches. A combination of the two will ensure that the burglar cannot access your aluminium door even if the window is open.

With these burglar proofing tips for aluminium windows and doors, you can ensure that you and your house are safe and secure at all times.

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