Getting to Know All Clear Guard Configurations

Installing Clear Guard security screens on all your doors and windows is one of the best home renovations you’ll ever do because it has so many uses. It looks wonderful because of its sleek construction and see-through properties. And it can be manufactured in many different configurations, so there is always a design to suit your home.

Clear Guard is made from an aluminium frame that encases a see-through woven stainless steel mesh panel. The fact that Trellidor Clear Guard has multiple uses is the main reason these security screens are the most popular.

Here is what Clear Guard security screens can do for you:

  • They are strong enough to be classed as a security barrier, equivalent in strength to some of the best Trellidor sliding gates.
  • You don’t need any other burglar proofing or security gates with this product installed next to doors and windows in your home or on your patio.
  • It provides clear security and is virtually invisible because your eyes see right through it, so you don’t have to lose out on your view or indoor/outdoor flow.
  • It is custom-made to fit your doors and windows, so the installation is very neat.
  • It keeps out mosquitoes and flies, which is a huge bonus point for anyone that lives in an area where these insects are a constant irritation.
  • It keeps out animals like snakes and warthogs, so it is often used in homes on eco-estates and bush lodges.
  • It blocks out monkeys and stops them from getting into your kitchen and making a terrible mess.
  • It keeps out baboons too.

Clear Guard configurations

To make sure that your Clear Guard home renovation with Clear Guard security screens is as seamless as possible, Trellidor has developed a wide range of configurations. These are:

  • Fixed Panels

Fixed Clear Guard panels do exactly what the description says. They are fixed around windows and cannot be opened. They are used for large picture windows, for instance, such as windows that look out onto a river used as a watering hole by animals on a game farm. Or large panes of glass in a home with a sea view or beautiful garden.

Apart from providing protection from intruders that attempt to break the windowpane, the security screens filter out harsh UV rays and heat, helping to preserve any furniture in the area and to lower internal temperatures.

  • Awning Windows

Many homes have awning-style windows, particularly if they have aluminium windows. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards from the bottom.

Clear Guard units can be made to work in exactly the same way, but they will open inwards so that they do not interfere with the handles on the window. You’ll be able to keep your windows open for fresh air circulation while your Clear Guard screens are closed for protection and any of the other reasons listed above that apply to your home and needs.

  • Hinged Doors

Hinged doors could be anywhere in your home, from the front door to the kitchen door to the passageway into the bedroom area. These doors have hinges on one side, connecting them to the wall. The other side swings open and closed, usually in one direction only.

A Clear Guard door can be fitted right next to the hinged door. It will swing open and closed in the opposite direction to the hinged door. If you like to keep your hinged door open, the Clear Guard screen can be closed and locked to keep you safe. You will be able to clearly see the outside area, be it your street frontage, the garden, or the backyard where children are playing.  

  • French Doors and Windows

French doors and windows are usually a pair of windows that open outwards. Occasionally they may open inwards. They often consist of many panes of glass, similar to cottage pane doors and windows. Sometimes they have a single glass pane.

Because both sides of the windows or doors open, they create a large space to either walk through or to enjoy the outside view.

Doors and windows in this configuration are very vulnerable, though, and need protection. But homeowners are often reluctant to do this because it would spoil their main attraction, which is bringing light into the room.

Clear Guard security screens in a French door or window configuration solves this problem. They are made to measure, so they match the door or window in size, and fit very snugly next to the French door or window.

With the doors and windows open and the Clear Guard screens closed and locked, you get the same benefits of the lovely French doors and windows plus all the benefits of the security screens.

  • Bi-Fold for doors and windows

Bi-fold doors and windows are made up of several panels that slide and fold back on themselves to open the space. They are often used as patio doors, where they create great flow between indoor and outdoor areas. They are also excellent for wide and/or large windows as they stack neatly to the side, revealing the view.

Clear Guard security screens can be custom-made to fit seamlessly next to these bi-fold doors and windows. Most homeowners that have had them installed to bi-fold patio doors keep the doors stacked open to the side and the Clear Guard doors closed and locked, or with one of the centre panels open for easy access.

  • Sash Windows

Sash windows do not open and close using hinges. They are generally made up of two panels that slide up and down, one in front and one behind. They have either a single sheet of glass in each panel, or multiple panes like cottage pane windows.

Many period homes have windows like these, but they also add charm to more recently built homes and are chosen for that reason.

Trellidor makes Clear Guard sash windows that fit snugly next to the window for protection. A double-panelled sash window will have a double-panelled Clear Guard screen fitted next to it. The design ensures that the security screens do not interfere with the opening and closing mechanism of the windows.

  • Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding doors and windows are available in many formats, from wood to aluminium and from single sheets of glass to cottage panes. Clear Guard screens are manufactured by Trellidor to protect all these formats.

The sliding Clear Guard screens are fitted alongside the sliding door or windows. They stack to either one or both sides when open, depending on the space available and customer preferences.

Sliding Clear Guard screens are an excellent choice for large sliding windows that look out onto your entertainment area. Keep the windows open for fresh air and with the Clear Guard security screens closed, you don’t have to put up with flies and mosquitoes or excessive heat.

They are also a brilliant option for patios, where they can be installed at the edge of the space without having to have glass doors as well. Your Trellidor consultant will be able to advise you as to whether your patio lends itself to this option or not.

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