Front Door Protection More Crucial Than Ever

Protect an open front door from home invaders with a reliable security barrier like Trellidor Retractable security gates

One of the trends in residential robbery is for perpetrators to attack when people are at home, between 5.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. at night and between 5.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. in the morning. This is when we drop our guard in terms of security and robbers walk right in without any hindrance. With residential robbery on the increase in RSA and probably elsewhere too, now is a good time to secure one of their most common points of entry: the frontdoor.

Why is the frontdoor so vulnerable? Mainly because many of us leave it open or unlocked once we arrive home simply due to lack of vigilance. Or because we’ve let the dog out and are waiting for him to come back inside. This is when robbers strike. One of the best solutions is to install a high quality security barrier.

Here are some guidelines on how to go about it.

Choose a product to suit your home and lifestyle

It’s no good choosing a security barrier you aren’t going to use properly. If the barrier suits your lifestyle you’ll be far more inclined to use it. Trellis-style sliding gates like Trellidor Retractable, for example, are a good choice if you like to leave your doors open when you’re home. You can see what’s happening outside; they’re strong enough to resist attack and they allow in fresh air and light.

They can be custom-designed to protect just about any feature around your front door such as plaster bands or larger than usual door handles that make a bold statement.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens provide excellent protection without looking too obvious. They can be designed to match almost any door style, from French doors to bi-folds, sliding doors or hinged doors, single or double. They have the added benefits of blocking out insects, monkeys, baboons and snakes as well as excessive heat.

Just remember to remove the keys from your security door lock as well as your front door lock and keep them out of reach of burglars. A good place to store them is on hooks in your safezone. It may seem a nuisance at first, having to fetch keys when you need to use them, but it’s a good long term habit to develop.

Lock down with roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular as front door security because once closed, they provide a formidable obstacle to intruders. They can be fitted into tight spaces as they don’t require any floor space plus the side channels are narrow and can be recessed into the walls.

Trellidor Rollerstyle has a new range of Trellidor motors to suit requirements. There is a super-fast motor that operates 30% quicker than anything else on the market, making it highly desirable during emergencies. There are also battery back-up, manual override and solar powered options as well as a range of safety sensors to help prevent accidents when you don’t have line of sight while closing the shutter.

Trellidor showrooms have all these products on display for you to try out and make your selection. Alternatively, call your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor for an on-site visit to help you select the right barrier for your front door to help avoid the risk of a home invasion.

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