Explaining Retractable Security Gates’ Three Slam Lock Modes of Operation

A lock is just a lock. Or is it? We explain the differences so that you can make the right choice of lock for your sliding security gates.

The different types of lock

Expandable security gates can be fitted with several different types of lock. The most well-known locking system is commonly known as the ‘slam lock’ because it does what it says: it locks as you slam the gate closed.

At first glance, this seems to be the most obvious type of lock to go for when choosing sliding security gates. And many retractable security gates suppliers only offer this one kind of lock. But there are other options available, some of them stronger and therefore safer than a slam lock.

Trellidor manufactures sliding gates with several different lock options. These locks are designed to suit different requirements, depending on where the sliding security gates are being installed.

The types of lock available for expandable security gates are:

  • Slam lock
  • Dead lock
  • Electric lock
  • Emergency escape lock

Slam lock and dead lock

The two most popular lock types for sliding gates are slam lock and dead lock. These two locking systems are both available on all Trellidor retractable security gate models with a height range of 1.75m to 2.4m. They can be fitted to steel as well as aluminium expandable security gates.

So what is the difference between these two kinds of lock?

  • A dead lock requires a key to open and close it.
  • A slam lock locks automatically when you shut the gate.

The slam lock sounds like a very convenient locking system because it is so easy to use. You just slam the gate, and it locks. But it is not the strongest lock on the market. Plus, realistically, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to slam a sliding security gate lock in an emergency. 

Dead locks are stronger and better designed to resist attack by home invaders armed with a crowbar or other types of weapon. All Trellidor sliding security gate models have a deadlock to ensure that people are as safe as possible behind their expandable gates.

Trellidor gates can be fitted with a slam lock if customers prefer to specify this locking method. In this case, the Trellidor slam lock includes a dead lock action to securely lock the gate and make sure that people don’t have to rely only on the slam lock to be safe.

Slam lock security gates benefits

Slam locks have the following useful features:

  • They are quick to lock.
  • They can be primed and made ready for locking at any time.
  • You don’t need a key to lock the security gate.
  • These locks do not require electricity, like automated security, so they’re always there to protect you even during power outages.
  • The Trellidor slam lock is patented and very strong.
  • The Trellidor slam lock option incorporates a dead-lock system, which is activated by using the key after the gate has been slammed shut. This lock mode ensures that the gate is securely locked.   

Dead lock security gates benefits

The dead lock fitted to Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates has the following benefits:

  • It has just one key and keyhole to lock it quickly and easily.
  • It locks securely with a single throw or turn of the key.
  • It locks in several places inside the lock stile, not just in one place, adding to its strength.
  • It is a stronger design than a slam lock.
  • No activation is needed to lock the gate.
  • Unlike the slam lock, there is no danger of locking yourself out or of children accidently locking themselves in a room or outside the home.
  • These locks do not require electricity, like automated security, so they’re always there to protect you even during power outages.

Electric lock

The third type of retractable security gate locking system is the electric lock. These are fitted on request to the higher strength sliding security gate ranges, mainly in commercial buildings. It is an expensive type of lock but has several benefits in these locations, including:

  • Access control

    Users can remotely control who is admitted into the premises for improved safety and security. People can leave the premises using the coded wall mounted control panel or hand-held remote control rather than being entrusted with keys.

  • Locking options

    There is a choice of locking options including slam-locking the electric lock closed or dead-locking it, using the manual override key. The electric lock is operated by using either a wall-mounted control panel or hand-held remote control.

  • Easy installation

    The electric lock system has an external power supply that is tamper-proof and can be plugged into a 220V wall plug. There is no visible wiring cluttering up the security gate.

Emergency Escape Lock

The Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 is a highly specialised, steel, collapsible emergency escape expandable gate. It has a unique emergency escape locking system designed by Trellidor. The lock is a tamper proof and keyless emergency escape system. It is located on the inside face of the gate to ensure that it can be opened or closed quickly and without the use of a key.

This purpose-designed lock is one of the many features that contributed to this incredibly strong sliding security gate being internationally certified as one of the strongest in the world.

This retractable security gate is designed to control access in high risk, high foot traffic public areas such as government buildings, transport hubs, sports stadia, museums, banks, and the retail sector.

Contact your nearest Trellidor outlet to find out which type of sliding security gate lock is best for your needs.

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