Dependable Security Door Locks Vital

Security door locks that you can depend on in a crisis are a vital part of safety at home, so make sure you go for quality not low cost.

Dependable security door locks vital to safety

every security door needs a good lock Security door locks that you can depend on in a crisis are a vital part of safety at home.  They’re also an integral part of a well-designed security door.   You don’t want to find out that your security door lock was poorly manufactured or faulty when you’re faced with home invaders on the other side of your security gate.

There are lots of misconceptions in the marketplace about what makes a good security door lock, particularly slam-locks.  Some suppliers play on the fear factor and the scenario of having to slam your gate closed on an intruder in hot pursuit.  But this is a rare occurrence and a well-made, reliable lock must work well at all times, helping to keep people out of your home on a daily basis as well as in an emergency.

In a previous blog called A lock is a lock. Or is it ? we talked about the difference between a slam-lock and a dead-lock, so I won’t repeat all those points here. The post is still very relevant and worth another read if you’re in the market for a security door or window with the right type of lock.

So what must we look for in a security door lock?

The main point is that a lock needs to be well designed, tried and tested. Here are a few things to do in terms of locks before deciding on which security door to buy.

  • Ask your supplier to explain what type of lock is fitted to the security door you’re considering and why they feel it’s the best one for your needs.
  • Try the locks out for yourself.  Go to the showrooms of your possible suppliers and test the locks of the gates on display.  Make sure the locks you try will be the same as the one that will be fitted to your security door.
  • Ask about key options such as having all your security doors keyed alike or different keys for each gate depending on your choice, and how many keys are supplied with the gate.
  • Ask about lock maintenance and what to do if the lock is sticking or stiff.
  • Find out about after sales service.  Who will help you with repairs or replacement keys?

The front door is still one of the most common point of entry for house robbers, so it’s worth going to all this trouble to make sure your security door lock is the right one to help keep you safe at home.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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