Could You Escape A Flood?

Trapped by floods across Gauteng

In the aftermath of the floods of 9 November 2016 in Gauteng, people have been sharing their miraculous escape stories. From the human chain formed to pull people from flooded cars on the road outside OR Tambo airport to a women who literally swam across an Edenvale road to help a mom pull her two tiny children out of their nearly submerged car, It was heartening to see how selflessly strangers helped each other in this crisis.

It is pictures, however, that really bring home how dangerous the situation was for so many people. One that was really scary was a father demonstrating how he and his children clung to the burglar guards in their home, balancing on the windowsill to get above the rapidly rising flood waters.

Burglar bars can trap you inside

This family thankfully survived the water flooding through their house. But how on earth would they have got out if the torrent rose to eye level?

The burglar guards were fixed and the gaps between the bars far too narrow for them to get out through the windows. They would have been stranded inside, unable to escape unless they managed to swim to an open door.

Burglar bars that open can save lives

We often talk about the need for burglar proofing that opens but it is always with fire or a home invasion in mind. Floods did not come to mind until this incident.

So here are some suggested products that you could use to replace some of your fixed burglar proofing on your windows. Just as a precaution.

Trellidor Retractable Security

This product is not just for doors, passages or patios. It is easily fitted to windows to provide an escape route if you need it. It also makes window cleaning a breeze.

Trellidor Clear Guard

These security screens can be custom-made for windows as well as doors. They’re made to match the way your windows open, accommodating window handles. They open up when you need them to.

Trellidor Rollerstyle

Manually operated shutters or automated shutters with manual over-ride are also a good option. They can be opened as an escape route. Those with vented or punched slats allow water to flow through them. For this reason they have been used for garage doors in homes near dams and rivers that tend to flood.

Call your local Trellidor franchise and they’ll do a site visit to advise on which of your windows should be fitted with burglar bars that can be opened in an emergency.

Or visit their showroom where you can see the product options on display and decide which you prefer.

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