Cheap But Not So Cheerful: The Quality of Burglar Bars & Gates is a Serious Issue

Cheap burglar bars and gates provide a false sense of security

Selling burglar bars and gates has become an easy way of making money because house breaking is still all too frequent in suburbs and cities around the country. We all want to be safe at home but at the same time we’re facing increasingly restricted budgets.

This leaves a gap for the chancer out there looking to make a quick buck by convincing homeowners that cheap barriers are just as good as better quality ones. Even though the Consumer Protection Act has been around for some time now, they’ll still tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth about cheap burglar bars and gates. It may be too late to take this up with the CPA after your security has been breached and your home invaded.

Smooth sales talk about burglar bars and gates

Our Trellidor franchises are finding the same situation right around SA. They come across badly made fakes that were sold as Trellidor products and the homeowner needs a replacement security gate after a break-in.

Then there are impossibly long guarantees being offered for steel burglar bars and gates being installed in a highly corrosive coastal environment; and look-alike security gates being fitted with inferior locks by a company that goes under without replacing them.

Another favourite but unscrupulous sales tactic is salesman saying that Trellidor uses plastic in its retractable security gates and windows but we use steel components. What they fail to tell you is that the plastic is actually glass-filled, industrial quality nylon 6,6. It’s a material used in the motor industry for gears and bearings as well as other industries where high mechanical strength and stability are a priority. Plus, it doesn’t rust like steel-on-steel components so is ideal for corrosive conditions.

These are just some of the issues Trellidor franchises encounter when customers phone them in desperation, hoping that Trellidor can help resolve their problem. It costs people a whole lot more in the long run because those cheap burglar bars or gates will rust sooner than expected; or they’ll lock themselves out with a slamlock and have no-one to turn to for spare keys, so they have to replace their security gates and burglar bars.

Get advice on burglar bars and gates before you make your decision

Trellidor can’t fix problem burglar bars and gates that were installed by other companies. What our franchises can do is offer you a security assessment and sound advice on the range of product options available to secure your home before you make your decision. Then you’ll know what your alternatives are and can make an informed decision.

We encourage you to visit your local Trellidor franchise showroom to see and feel our burglar bar and security gate designs. Ask the staff what makes these products strong or corrosion resistant or able to withstand a concerted attack. They’ll show you what to look out for in security barrier design so that you purchase the best products for your safety and budget.

It’s also a good idea to visit the Trellidor website and watch our attack test videos. Have a look at the amount of force a burglar can apply to security gates and why it’s important to buy the best you can afford.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

Trellidor Retractable Security gate wheel holders are manufactured from engineering polymers (Nylon 6,6) which helps prevent rust and are extremely hard wearing.

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