Caring for our kids

One month into the new financial year, the Trellidor Corporate Investment program is already up and running. Trellidor Production Manager Wayne Halgryn has been tasked with facilitating the program and he has not been short of help.

Many staff members have been involved, in particular, Field Technical Manager Ryno du Preez, who completed the installations.

Security gates for creches

The first project for the year was to secure two KwaMashu creches with Trellidor Retractable T800 security gates on the doors and Trellidor Burglar Guard burglar bars on the windows.

Zamimfundo Creche and Zamani Creche are pre-schools run by Grandmothers in this community. They look after children so that their young mothers can complete their schooling. 

These creches are supported by Feed the Babies Fund, which provides the children with a nutritious meal each day.

The Fund has been providing meals to children in need since 1957. Their objective is to eliminate malnutrition among babies, giving them a fair chance of a good education and strengthening their immune systems. 

Project Manager Sibo Groenink wrote: 

Thank you for your recent generous gift of Trellidor (security barriers) to Zamani Creche Newtown and Zamimfundo Creche in New River, Inanda. Your donation has changed the lives of carers and children in both creches. 

Zamani Creche burnt down a few months ago and with the assistance from various corporates such as yourselves, we were able to have the premises rebuilt, painted and restocked.

The inclusion of Trellidor (products) to safeguard their belongings was the final requirement to finish off the task we started last year. The matching of the Trellidor (security gates) to the colour of the wall paint was an unexpected bonus.

Zamimfundo Creche was burgled during the Easter holidays this year and the thieves took off with their gas stove, creche posters, stationery and other valuables.

With the new Trellidor (barriers) installed their items are now safe from any further such intrusion.

Once again we would like to thank Trellidor for their generosity in safeguarding these two needy creches. Your teams were highly professional in their delivery and showed genuine empathy for the staff and children in the creches.

Feed the Babies Fund’s mission to create change in the lives of pre-school children has been enhanced by your donation and encouraged us to continue the work we do. Without organisations such as Trellidor we would not be in a position to fulfill our mandate. Thank you.

Help from the little ones

Wayne and Ryno were ably assisted by some of the more curious children who were fascinated by the equipment being used to fit the security gates and burglar guards.

After completing the installations, Wayne and Ryno spent some time with the children and their carers, sharing delicious cupcakes made by Denise Halgryn as well as fruit juices and sweets. 

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