Can Burglars Jam Your Wireless Security System?

Regardless of which security system method you choose for your home, you want to ensure that your home receives the best protection possible. Therefore, it is essential that you understand the vulnerabilities it might have and how to reduce the chances of burglars gaining access to your home. We will look at some of the methods that burglars can use to disable your wireless security system and how you can protect yourself.

Wireless security systems have become popular as they are often used with smart home technology and are regarded as safe. There are also plenty of benefits that wireless security systems offer, which include:

  1. Offers Remote Control

    One of the most significant benefits that wireless home security systems offer is the option to control the system remotely. With the use of your smartphone or computer, you can operate door locks and manage your lights from wherever you are, as the system has wireless controls that will handle this.
  1. Assists You in Monitoring Your Children and Pets

    Wireless security systems allow you to check the activity occurring on your property from anywhere, which will be helpful if you want to keep tabs on your children or pets as the security system allows you to view your security system. The security system also enables you to control camera angles remotely, allowing you to get a better view. The ability to check the activity occurring on your property can be helpful as it will enable you to check whether you switched off the lights or if the doors are locked.
  1. Smartphone Notifications

    The security system sends notifications to your smartphone whenever major events occur in your home. You will be notified when the door is locked or unlocked, when the system is armed or disarmed and when motion is detected.
  1. Programmable Features

    The biggest benefit of choosing a wireless security system is that it offers the ability to program the system’s features. This feature accommodates your needs while providing greater convenience as you can program the system to switch on lights at a particular time.

Wireless Security System Jamming

Wireless security systems might eliminate the concern of burglars cutting wires from security cameras and motion detectors. However, it is essential to note that burglars can disable or jam your wireless security system, and they will use two common methods to do so. The first is jamming, which is also a common method. Wireless security systems consist of motion detectors and wireless security cameras, which are placed on the property. When motion is detected, you will receive a notification to your smartphone, tablet or computer. For the security system to send out alerts, it needs internet service obtained from a router with wireless signals. These signals are sent using radio frequency from the internet, the main control unit with codes identifying which alarm to emit. When jamming the security system, the jammer creates noise that confuses the main system or control panel making it challenging to locate what alarms are being sent from the system’s devices.

The second method used to disable wireless security systems are magnets. Most wireless security systems contain a magnetic door trip that will wirelessly sound and send signals to your alarm system whenever the door is opened. However, these can be overridden using a second small magnet that overrides the frequency, almost like jamming.

When criminals want to jam or disable your wireless security system, they will need to have strong signal strength, be knowledgeable in frequency and be close to the property they want to target. When burglars consider jamming a wireless security system, they usually go after large homes that they know have high-value items as the equipment required is extremely expensive. Therefore, jamming is not as common as other types of crimes.

Though jamming might be uncommon, it is still vital that you can protect yourself and improve your wireless security system. Firstly, ensure that you have an alternative power supply so that if a burglar tries to jam your wireless signal, the alternative power supply will serve as a failsafe. Most security systems, such as motion detectors and cameras, can run on batteries as they can be used as a perfect backup solution.

Video surveillance is essential when trying to protect your home as these systems will be able to capture video feed instantly, and this video footage can be stored for at least five to ten days. Whenever criminals see that cameras are mounted to your home, the chances of them attempting to break in will be significantly reduced as the video evidence will assist in catching the criminals.


Since no system is impenetrable, it is essential that you take precautionary measures to ensure that you avoid the worst-case scenario. Being knowledgeable about the vulnerabilities that wireless security systems have ensure that you can prevent attacks.

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