Business Security Measures for High-Crime Areas in South Africa

A business might suffer greatly as a result of crime. Crime has had a direct impact on the majority of South African businesses and their employees. All business owners need to be acutely aware of the fact that crime is also on the rise.

Different sorts of crimes can have an impact on businesses. Additionally, different scales of crime can be committed in these various fields. Even while some crimes are noticeably greater than others, any criminal activity harms any business. 

Crime can cause small business owners’ great harm. Every crime, whether it involves stolen goods or cash, has an immediate effect on a company’s bottom line. Small business owners must be extremely careful about how they monitor and handle the various sorts of crime that exist in a nation with such high crime figures.

In addition to the direct costs of lost goods or money, crime often imposes indirect costs on the company. This may involve expenditures for security measures, burglary-related damages, insurance fees, temporary business closures, and lost productivity. Businesses face an increasing danger of criminality, which could negatively affect their operations. Many small business owners who have dealt with criminality are reluctant to make significant investments in the growth or expansion of their companies.

This is because these business owners frequently feel that protecting their current company assets and operations is more important than investing in security measures. While crime can affect any business, it is particularly prevalent in “high-crime” locations. Small businesses that experience frequent criminal activity are frequently compelled to relocate or close.

Customers of a business may also suffer from crime. If there is a high crime rate in the neighbourhood and the company has experienced burglaries in the past, it may lose clients as a result.


Ways to improve business security

South Africans are more aware than ever of the necessity of protecting their companies. Protecting the people and property inside your facility from intruders, criminals, angry employees, vandals, and other aggressors is a serious obligation. There are numerous ways to increase the building’s security.


Limitation of entry points

Limiting the number of entrances to your building is one simple approach to increase security. Many trespassers are discouraged from entering and leaving by a single entry since it makes it more likely that they will be discovered. A nice feature to have are automatic locks installed on the doors that lock automatically when someone departs, especially if more than one access is required.


Use visitor logs

Another technique to improve facility security is to require each visitor to sign in. Either paper logbooks or more modern technology can be used to keep security logs. Today, many businesses have installed computerised check-in systems for customers. An accurate audit trail of every visitor is provided by a digital visitor log system, which is also more accessible. When companies document customers’ visits on paper, it is simpler for information to be illegible and even fabricated. A visitor management system that is electronic has several advantages. Additional protection, accurate visitor data, and ease of reporting in the event of evacuations and police involvement are a few advantages.


Printer security

Yes, you heard us correctly; printer protection exists, and every business requires it. Printers are among the most popular business equipment today, and most of them can only be connected via WiFi. Some are even sufficiently advanced to be able to order their ink! Of course, as technology advances, there are new ways for hackers to access data.

You should always pick connected connections to your network over wireless connectivity because the information from scanned and printed documents may be saved in the limited onboard memory of your printers. You should also be sure to avoid printer sharing and choose printers that immediately clear their memory.


Hire security personnel

Hiring security guards is one of the best things a business can do to guarantee the safety of their building. Employing security guards for your company has various advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Sense of security: Having a security guard on duty can give the business owner, the employees, and the clients of the business a sense of security. Security guards are an effective crime deterrent. A business with a guard will not be the first choice of a burglar.
  • Security personnel are excellent customer service representatives. They can maintain security and work with clients and customers while maintaining control over a key area.
  • Crime handling: Security personnel are well-trained to spot and report any kind of criminal activity. They are specialists at recording information about any incidents that happen and can be trusted to ensure that the police are called right away.
  • Monitoring: Not every guard spends their days policing the company’s grounds. Some can watch security cameras, search for illicit items, close off sections as necessary, and verify credentials.


Regular door/gate maintenance

In some cases, maintaining your structure could suffice to keep it secure. Make sure to regularly inspect the entrance doors for wear or broken hardware. Pay close attention to the hinges, locks, and latches. You can also help prevent your doors from being jimmied open by installing faceplates on them. Examine all of the outdoor lighting and replace it as necessary. Trespassers are greatly discouraged in well-lit places.


Consider gated parking

Another method to enhance building security is to restrict access to the parking lot and the structure. In addition to reducing unauthorised car entry, they also restrict foot traffic. Reducing traffic is a significant step for many businesses in safeguarding the area and preventing criminal behaviour.




It is preferable to not rely on chance when it comes to the security of your building. By putting the aforementioned advice into practice, as many of the variables as feasible can be eliminated. Make sure all precautions have been taken to protect your assets, employees , and visitors.



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