Aluminium armour: can GriffinGuard Security Screens really protect your home?

The answer to the question: ‘can GriffinGuard security screens really protect your home’ is yes, it can. One of the main attractions of GriffinGuard is that it is affordable. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t protect you from a variety of threats. Here are some compelling reasons why it is worth the investment.



How GriffinGuard is Made

GriffinGuard is made up mainly of a stainless-steel security screen. The steel is machine woven into a strong mesh panel. The benefit of this tough mesh panel is that GriffinGuard is able to keep out threats as small as mosquitoes and as large as human intruders.

Trellidor GriffinGuard screens are finished off with a full aluminium frame. This creates a neat, robust security screen that fits perfectly next to the door or window it has been designed to protect.



Priced to Appeal

Trellidor GriffinGuard is priced to make it accessible to people in many diverse types of home. Not every home needs high cost, top-of-the-range security to keep people and possessions safe. GriffinGuard screen provide a good balance between the ability to provide protection and affordable cost.

Estate homes, for example, don’t usually need the same level of protection as a free-standing home in a high crime suburb. Homes in eco-estates, suburban housing developments, golf estates, gated communities and other forms of secure housing are well protected by barriers such as GriffinGuard.




Trellidor GriffinGuard Features that Protect Your Home

Here are the features that make GriffinGuard the perfect form of protection for many homes.

  • Blocks out Insects: the woven steel mesh screen blocks out insects like mosquitoes. This is a useful feature if you live in an area where malaria is a problem at certain times of the year. Flies are also kept out of your home by these security screens.
  • Strong under Attack: the screen and frame are engineered to be strong under attack by human intruders. Every GriffinGuard unit is custom-made to fit the door or window opening so that it fits in tightly and is less vulnerable to an attack.
  • Reliable Locks: GriffinGuard security screens are fitted with strong Trellidor locks. If you have more than one GriffinGuard unit, you can choose to have random keys or to have them keyed alike (same key for all units).
  • See-through: you may find it surprising how see-through the woven stainless steel mesh screen is. If you stand in front of a GriffinGuard screen looking outwards, you will have clear views. This is a real bonus if you have a lovely garden, or a great view of the sea, mountains, or bushveld. ‘See-through’ does not mean ‘unsafe’ – you are still well protected behind these security screens.
  • Kind Form of Wildlife Control: people that live in eco-estates or areas where game roams freely may not be keen on letting animals into their homes. But they also don’t want to use harmful methods of keeping them out. GriffinGuard is the answer because it keeps animals like monkeys and baboons outside without hurting them.
  • Climate Control: security screens are a wonderful way of keeping homes cooler in summer. This is because they filter out the sun’s UV rays and heat. At the same time, the mesh screen lets some cooling air flow into the home through the tiny holes in the mesh.
  • Corrosion Resistant: metal security screen doors can be a problem in corrosive environments like the coast because they rust or corrode. This makes them weak and unable to protect you as they should. The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances corrosion and UV resistance. This retains the quality finish of security barriers like GriffinGuard and increases its lifespan, protecting you for years longer.



A Beautiful, Secure Addition to Your Home

The modern design of GriffinGuard, with its smooth aluminium frame and tensioned mesh screen, suits any style of home. They add style as well as security when fitted to doors, windows, and patios. The screens are custom made for a snug fit in each opening. The result is a neat additional layer of protection within your home.

The Trellidor GriffinGuard aluminium frames can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. You can choose to match the colour of your window frames or go for a contrasting colour. The most popular colours are white and charcoal, but there are plenty of other options to suit your décor.




GriffinGuard is only available from authorised Trellidor outlets, so find your nearest one here

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