6 Home Security Tips for Staying Safe this Winter

As winter approaches and the nights grow longer as the days grow shorter, burglars find this time of year ideal for breaking into your home. Another intriguing truth is that you sleep more in the winter because your body creates more sleeping hormones than in the summer. Criminals have more time to enter your home without being noticed since you sleep more soundly.

Most people are on vacation in December, which provides an opportunity for crooks to break in. However, the number of recorded break-ins spikes in the first month of winter, June. House break-ins increase in the winter, and there are six simple measures to protect your property.


1. Protect Your Doors

Criminals are daring because they can enter your home through the front door and steal your valuables. If you haven’t checked your entries in a while, now is the time to do so. You should make sure that your doors are strong and secure against any intruders.

Lubricating the door locks, hinges, and tracks will keep all of your door parts in good operating order. Locks can freeze if not lubricated, and hinges and tracks should be shielded from cold weather, which causes steel to shrink. Another option is to install a deadbolt. Also, think about updating your door locks.

Sealing gaps around the sides of your doors is an excellent technique to keep them warm during the winter. The cold winter weather will undoubtedly find its way inside through unprotected holes. In the winter, look for sealing strips and door sweeps to adequately seal your doors, which will not only protect against cold weather and moisture but will also save you money on heating.

Homeowners who frequently forget to lock their doors should think about investing in smart locks. These gadgets eliminate the need for a key and allow the user to lock and unlock the home using a smartphone, preventing lockouts.

They also give an activity log that is updated whenever the door is opened, as well as individual access codes for each user. You may also configure your security system to send you smartphone alerts if your door is tampered with.


2. Examine Your Windows

Windows are another typical technique for crooks to gain entry into your home. It’s critical to keep your windows protected, especially when you’re not at home. Begin by inspecting your window latches.

Consider replacing them if they’ve weakened over time. Make an effort to make all of your home’s windows more burglar-proof. For example, you can install window bars to ensure that even if robbers shatter your windows, they are unable to enter your property.


3. Remember to Include Lighting

Although indoor and outdoor lights can significantly increase security, they are frequently disregarded by homeowners. Consider adding the following to your holiday lighting:

  • Smart lights: Smart lighting can make it appear as if you’re at home even while you’re not. These devices enable you to control the lights inside and outside your home using your smartphone.
  • Floodlighting: Use these lights in places that are prone to being darker or larger. They are well-equipped to light up large areas, such as your front and backyard.
  • Motion-activated lights: These lights illuminate whenever they sense movement. This will not only alert you to movement on your property, but it will also prevent burglars.

4. Don’t Forget About the Garage

If you have a garage, chances are you’ve kept some expensive items in there throughout the years. Make a habit of checking to see if you still have anything you’ve stored safely there. Most essential, you should make it a habit to secure your garage doors and windows.

These are some suggestions for improving garage security:

  • Cover the windows to conceal what you keep inside.
  • Install more door locks.
  • Install a security light in front of your garage.


5. Trees and plants should be trimmed

As much as your trees bring beauty to your landscape, they may also serve as an excellent hiding area for crooks attempting to steal into your home. Consider chopping down any of your trees and trimming any plants that could be used as a hiding place. If you have trees near your window, it can be difficult to tell if someone is watching you from outside.

If you leave items like ladders and chairs in the yard, keep them in a secure, locked location. Thieves can gain access to your home by using items found in your garden.


6. Don’t share every step you make on social media

According to reports, 65% of thieves know their victims and are likely watching you on social media, and if someone is dedicated, they can hack your privacy settings. 

While talking about trips and exhibiting where you are and what you are doing over the holiday season may appear normal or a method to share news, it also serves as an invitation for someone to plunder your home and monitor your movements. Wait until you are home or unlikely to be targeted before posting anything. 




As the seasons change and the days grow shorter, it’s time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season. Perform a security and safety check on your home once a year. Examine the condition as well as the security protocol. Making a few modest changes can save you a lot of misery in the long run.

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