6 Home Security Features That May Help You Sell Your Home Quicker

Security is always a high priority for everyone, and it is essential when selling your home. Having more features for your home will not only be able to add value to your home, but it can be crucial for ensuring that you sell your home quicker. This article will provide you with some home security features that can assist you in selling your home quicker.

Security can be said to be one of the most critical features for homebuyers in South Africa, and that is why it is crucial to offer the best security features to cater to their needs. Nowadays, advanced technology ensures that you can provide new and powerful ways to assist you in protecting your home against intruders. Below are some of the security features you can add to your home to ensure that it sells quicker.

  1. Alarm System

    Alarm systems are one of the best security measures that you can have. Make certain that you have one that an armed response company installs as it ensures that your home is being watched 24/7. Having your alarm system installed by an armed response company also guarantees a faster response from the police when there is an emergency. If someone were to try to gain access while no one was at home, then the company would contact the police for you.   Ensure that your alarm systems are also maintained and test the system regularly. Having an alarm system installed can also be effective in scaring off burglars, which is effective for crime prevention.
  1. Burglar Bars & Security Gates

    Burglar bars & security gates act as a psychological deterrent against crime as homes with these physical security barriers installed are less likely to be invaded than those that do not have them installed. The most apparent reason that makes burglar bars & security gates an excellent investment is that they create a physical barrier that prevents potential invaders from breaking in, ensuring that the valuables in the home are well-protected. Lastly, burglar bars & security gates increase the time that it takes for criminals to gain access, which gives the security company more time to respond. All these factors contribute not only to the home’s aesthetic value for homebuyers but it makes buyers much more willing to secure your home.
  1. Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion sensor lights are known to be one of the most effective deterrents against crime. They can prevent criminals from targeting your home as they would be startled when the lights are illuminated – another reason why installing them could ensure that your home sells quicker. Motion sensor lights are pretty inexpensive and can easily be installed anywhere you want on your property. However, the best places to install them would be near driveways.
  1. Motorised gate

    A motorised gate can be deemed as the first layer of security that you can add to your home, which is beneficial as homebuyers will notice it first. Motorised gates are made with strong materials, making it difficult for any potential intruder to gain access into the home. Secondly, these are also convenient as they can easily be opened and closed using a remote – an appealing factor for home buyers as they know it will add ease to their lives. Since safety is what home buyers are looking for, motorised gates allow you to choose who you can grant entry into the premises.
  1. Security Camera

    According to many studies that have been conducted, former felons have made it clear that the first thing that will deter them from entering a home is the presence of a security camera. Security cameras can be effective when trying to prevent crime in the first place as criminals do not want to be detected.  Not only will a camera be effective in catching intruders in action, but it can also be helpful when identifying criminals. This is why your home must have a security camera installed, as that is what most home buyers are looking for. Ensure that you install the camera in a place that makes it easy for both the homebuyer and criminals to identify and make it a more effective security measure.
  1. Smoke Alarms

    A smoke alarm is often overlooked, but it is essential to detect fires that could occur in the home. Smoke alarms or smoke detectors are designed to detect heat, smoke and fire, and then send an alert signal using a loud noise to alert you of the danger. You should install smoke alarms in the kitchen, bedrooms and hallways. Smoke alarms ensure that you avoid property damage which can be very appealing for all potential buyers.


Spending time installing more home security features for your home can be the easiest way to guarantee that your home sells quicker. By following the security suggestions offered above, you will ensure that you attract homebuyers who will occupy your home quickly as they know that your house is safe.

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