5 Vulnerable Entry Points to Secure in Your Home

Most people have misconceptions about how criminals typically enter houses. They picture masked individuals dressed in ominous attire working late into the night, quietly breaking in with high-tech lockpicking instruments. Once inside, they sneakily silence alarms and prowl around like bad guys from a spy movie, carefully searching drawers and files for the desired items.

Not nearly as well-organised or fascinating is reality. Up to 30% of burglaries in the real world include a robber entering through an open window or door. Once inside, they’ll quickly ransack your house, stealing valuables including cash, jewellery, and small electronics before fleeing. It’s crucial to safeguard the following typical house entrance points to deter the most determined of criminals.


The front doors

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, most homeowners believe burglars won’t try to enter through the front door. However, it’s a frequent entry point for burglars, and lots of homeowners forget to lock the front door.

A burglar might inspect the front door before attempting another access point. They have an easy route if it’s unlocked. Before trying another entryway, they would also check under a mat or a flowerpot for a spare key. Locking the front door at all times, even when you are inside the house, will help keep it secure. Even if you believe your spare keys are well hidden, never leave them outside. Other techniques for protecting your front door include:

  • Smart locks
  • Front door camera 
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Motion sensor lights

With the proper security, you can immediately disperse criminals.


Sliding glass door or the back door

Your back door should also have the same upgraded deadbolt, especially since these are the home access points that are normally hidden from the view from the street. Having a sliding glass door introduces a few dangers. 

One: Sliding glass door locks are frequently flimsy. 

Two: Since they are constructed of glass, they can be broken into with ease. 

Any form of the back door should have security system door sensors installed. Install glass break sensors if the door is sliding glass so that you’ll be informed if someone breaks through.


Window on the first floor

After a long, chilly winter, it makes sense to want to throw open those windows and allow some fresh air in. It’s also quite alarming to find that 23% of burglars enter homes through a first-floor window.

This does not imply that you must remain indoors without access to mild breezes. Security sensors for windows don’t operate on an open-or-close basis. You can install sensors in your windows to alert you if the window is opened past a specific point (for example, if someone is attempting to climb through it). This can help you strike a balance between a stuffy and secure sense in your home.


The balcony

You might not have bothered to lock the front door if you have a balcony on the second floor. Although it requires a little climbing, some robbers will use this entrance because they are aware that homeowners rarely lock these doors. Additionally, even when closed and locked, sliding glass doors are easily manipulated.

A bar can be used to lock a balcony door on the second floor when it is closed. Cutting down any tree branches that make it simple to climb to the balcony on the second floor is another smart move. Additionally, your security system’s motion sensor and motion-sensor-equipped lighting can be of assistance. 



Another typical entrance place for trespassers is the garage. The majority of people believe their garage door to be safe, yet accessing it is quite simple. The door to your home was likely not locked, thus whether the garage was accidentally left open or broken into, it can then lead to entry.

A garage can benefit from a few additions that can increase security. Make sure the garage door leading into your house is locked at night or when you aren’t home, just like you would with other entrance points. It may be more difficult to break into if the rope is cut from the garage release lever. It may be harder for burglars to hide when breaking in if you install motion sensor lights outside your garage. A garage shield can prevent them from opening the garage latch.




You shouldn’t continually be concerned with protecting your home. Making measures to keep your home secure might be made easier if you are aware of the most typical points of entry. These are the top five methods burglars use to enter a building. Use the advice to make sure that every entry point is securely closed off. You won’t need to worry about anything if the security is enough. 


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