5 Tips on Burglarproofing Your Yard

Securing your backyard from burglars is one of the most important things you can do for the security of your home. Most people focus on securing the main entrance and ground floor windows.

If your backyard has vulnerable items such as tools and furniture lying around, it will motivate burglars to get inside. Failing to burglar-proof your backyard will make it easier for burglars as they can use this vulnerable spot to enter your home undetected.


Thankfully, there are measures that you can implement to make your yard burglar-proof. They are the following:


1. Lock all the entrances

The first step in protecting your house is ensuring the main gate and entrances of your property are always locked. There are several options of locks available on the market, but a thick chain and a padlock will always be the safest option. A padlock is challenging to cut through as burglars need a strong tool and a lot of effort, which would wake you and your neighbours up. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine someone trying to do so unless the home is left vacant and is located in an isolated area.


2. Invest in an alarm system

Your best bet against preventing theft will always be an alarm system. An alarm system is the most effective deterrent to burglars, as they will likely move to an easier target when they notice an alarm. Alarms do not have to be expensive as there are plenty of options available on the market which you can use to reinforce vulnerable spots like your yard.

Alarms can stick to nearly any surface, and when the object is moved, the alarm will be triggered and produce noise. They contain an on/off switch, but it would take some time for the burglar to find the alarm and then turn off the alarm, making them an effective deterrent.

If you cannot afford an alarm system in the backyard, you could give would-be burglars the impression that your home is protected with a security system. You can tell them this by putting signs or stickers on the windows containing the security company’s name or posting neighbourhood watch signs.


3. Install outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras can prevent a burglar from entering your property in three simple ways:

  • Deterrence: Most burglars are afraid of being caught on camera committing a crime, so they will likely go for an easier target to avoid the risk of targeting your home.
  • Alerts: Security cameras with motion sensors and WiFi connectivity will alert your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever someone enters the monitored area. You can check the activity on your property through the camera lens and, if necessary, call the police. Some surveillance systems will notify a security company or call the police immediately instead of just sending you a notification.
  • Identification: In the event of theft, the footage captured by the camera would assist the authorities in identifying the criminal and retrieving the stolen items.

To make sure that you receive the full benefits from outdoor security cameras, ensure that they include a motion sensor, WiFi connectivity, and night vision which is either infrared or thermal.


4. Motion sensor lights

A well-lit space will always be an effective burglar deterrent. The more light your yard contains, the easier it will be to catch a burglar. Using motion sensor lights provides extra security for your garden and yard. When someone steps within range of the motion sensor, it will trigger a powerful light illuminating the area. The light will stay on from 1 to 20 seconds, depending on the preset timer.

Placing these lights in your yard will make it difficult for burglars to sneak inside your home at night-time. Lights will also improve your camera’s night vision as long as they are not placed too close to the camera and not facing the lens from the front.

You should install motion sensor floodlights behind your outdoor security camera. Installing them here will improve the quality of the images that the camera captures. At the same time, in an infrared state, you will have better face recognition and recognition of other essential details.


5. Protect your yard

Your yard can be a goldmine for burglars looking to steal small items like equipment and power tools. Therefore, with some simple steps, you should protect your outdoor belongings to keep them from disappearing. Firstly, you should ensure that if you keep ladders out, you should chain or padlock them. Burglars can use ladders to gain entry to second-story windows. If it is possible, you should store the ladders you have in the garage.

Ensure that you put away your tools after a day of yard work in the garage or enclosed areas. Tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and pry bars are expensive, and burglars could also use them against you. You should lock down patio furniture such as tables and chairs to protect them from theft.




Your house’s safety depends on how difficult it is to get inside. Your ability to detect burglars in time will play a role in protecting your home, whether they manage to gain access to it, and how challenging it is to steal your belongings. Fortunately, by implementing the above measures, you can ensure that your home is well-protected.



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