5 Reasons to Consider Retractable Security Gates for Your Patio

Sliding security gates are an asset to any patio, either fitted between the living area and the patio or surrounding the patio itself. They serve the function of providing security but can also enhance décor if powder coated in an on-trend colour such as matt charcoal. Here are five reasons to consider Trellidor Retractable security gates for your patio.


  1. Engineered to keep you safe
    Well-designed sliding gates will protect you from an attempted break-in. This is their main purpose. If the gates are fitted to a living area that leads onto the patio, you can safely spend time there with the doors open and the gates closed and locked for your protection.

    Retractable security gates fitted around the edge of the patio always add value to your home. In this position, the gates allow you to enjoy your extended entertainment area in safety, even at night. With the gates closed, you can move freely from living area to veranda, safe behind the gates.


  1. Easy to use
    The last thing anyone wants is sliding security gates that do not slide properly. Some designs are difficult to use. They catch when you try to open or close them. Other sliding gates are not fully framed and have no corner cleats. This makes them flimsy, and they buckle when moved, so you have to drag them open or closed. Gates like these are hardly ever used by their owners, defeating their purpose.

    Trellidor Retractable gates are hung from the top track and combined with low friction wheels and an even weight distribution, so the gates move smoothly and easily. They are fully framed and have corner cleats to stabilise them, so a light push or pull is all that is necessary to operate them. If they’re easy to use, you’ll use them all the time.

    Locks are a critical feature of sliding security gates. Poorly designed locks can be tricky to operate and sometimes there is the nuisance of having to use two locks on one gates. Make sure that you choose a patio gate with good locks that are strong but simple to use.

    Trellidor Retractable gates are fitted with deadlocks, which are stronger than slam lock security gates. Slam locks are fitted on request, and they include the dead lock mode to provide the best of both worlds.


  1. Choose your strength
    Security gates may all look the same, but they are not all the same strength. Most manufacturers offer a variety of gates with varying prices. This means that if you live in a high crime risk area, you can choose a patio gate that has extra strengthening features for enhanced protection. It will be more expensive but will provide welcome peace of mind.

    If your home is in a medium or low crime risk area like a gated community, you may not need such a robust sliding gate for your patio. One of the lower priced designs would be more appropriate. Trellidor gates all provide a high level of protection, even if it is one of the more budget-friendly models.


  2. Long-lasting safety
    Well-made patio security gates will give you many years of protection and save you money in the long run. Poorly made gates will need to be replaced quicker than necessary.

    So what makes a long-lasting patio safety gate? Patio sliding gates are usually exposed to weathering and can be damaged by rust, corrosion, air pollution, dust, salty air, and rain.

    Steel and aluminium security gates will last well even in these conditions if they have been properly treated during the production process. All Trellidor gates are given a corrosion and UV protection treatment during manufacturing, and the powder coating process adds extra layers of protection.

    The result is a smooth surface that is corrosion resistant, even when fitted to patios in coastal homes. In highly corrosive conditions like these, though, it is important to remember to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to make sure that the gates retain their high-quality surface.


  1. Encourage indoor-outdoor flow
    Yes, believe it or not, retractable security gates do blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor patio or entertainment area. Closed gates do not block your line of sight. The trellis-style pattern lets you see out into the garden and allows fresh air to flow into your home while keeping you safe from harm.

    Well-designed gates like Trellidor Retractable have a compact sash. This means that they stack neatly to the side when you want to open up the patio area to the garden. So if you are entertaining a large crowd, you can slide the gates away to accommodate everyone. Then close up again for safety’s sake once the party is over.

    During scorching summer days and nights, patio doors can be left open to catch any hint of a breeze while the gates are closed and locked to keep intruders out.


Not all sliding gates for patios are equal in terms of quality, strength, and the range of colours from which to choose, so it is a good idea to go into your supplier’s showroom to take a look at their range. By trying out the gates for yourself, you’ll be able to see what the differences are and make the right choice for your home.



Contact your nearest authorised Trellidor supplier to find out more about retractable security gates for your patio.

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