5 Reasons Louvre Shutterss Are A Patio Protection Favourite

Patios are a great way to extend your living area into the outdoors. They create a space that allows you to live and entertain alfresco. However, they can also provide easy access to your home for burglars, so patio security should be a priority.

Security shutters are protection favourite and here are five reasons why.

1. Security shutters are beautiful

Security shutters look very similar to the decorative louvre shutters that are so popular these days. The main difference is that security shutters have strengthening features that make it very difficult for burglars to break through and get into your home.

Decorative louvre shutters are not strong enough to provide this level of protection. So, security shutters do double duty as both a decorative window, door or patio treatment as well as protecting you and your family from harm.

Fit these lovely shutters around your patio and you will always be able to sit outside safely. They protect any furniture and other décor items on your patio, including your TV, sound system and other appliances from the harsh glare of the sun as well as from burglars.

You couldn’t ask for prettier burglar bars than the security shutters supplied by Trellidor. They look like ordinary louvre shutters, but they are reinforced inside the full length of each louvre. You can’t see this strengthening, but it is there, making sure burglars have a hard time breaking through.

These security shutters have other strengthening features, all neatly concealed inside the louvres. There are no external levers or rods, so the shutters are streamlined, uncluttered, and very attractive.

2. Patio security shutters do not look like security barriers

None of us want to live in homes that look like prisons. So good-looking security shutters are a great alternative to steel bars and gates. They certainly don’t look like burglar proofing as we know it. They actually enhance the décor of a home, providing an element of style.

Certainly, this is also a reason why security shutters are becoming a firm favourite in residential estates. There are often strict rules about what you can and can’t do to your home in an estate. Steel burglar bars and gates are frequently banned.

Because security shutters look like any other louvre shutter, they are usually allowed in these homes by the body corporate. This means that you can have beautiful security shutter doors on your patio that protect you from crime as well as prying neighbours.

Ask your supplier to fit security shutters to all your doors and windows, not just your patio. Closed and locked security shutters provide protection from theft for every room, even when you leave your glass doors and windows open for fresh air.

3. Security shutters for patios extend your outdoor living

If you have a lovely patio you want to get as much use out of it as possible. But bad weather like rain and wind often chase us inside. With patio security barriers, you can stay outside for longer and extend your outdoor living opportunities.

This is particularly true for patios that do not have glass doors. The security shutters can close up a patio with no other doors, doing the job of doors and security barriers in one product.

On cold, rainy or windy days, close and lock the louvre shutters. Make sure the louvres are tilted to the closed position, and you’ll be able to stay outside as long as you like. This is a fantastic use of security shutters if your braai is on the patio. You won’t have to cook alone outside while everyone else has retreated indoors.

4. Security shutters protect vulnerable sliding glass doors

One of the best security shutters benefits is that they protect sliding glass doors. These patio doors are usually fitted with a latch, not a lock. Latches are not as secure as proper locks, so they provide easy access for burglars especially if your patio is concealed from neighbours or the street.

Purpose-made security products like Trellidor Louvre Shutters have a very strong, patented locking system, not just a latch. So, if burglars manage to break your glass patio doors, perhaps with a brick, they still won’t be able to get into your home if you have security shutters protecting the doors.

The Trellidor lock is accessible from both sides, so you can lock and up go through your patio security shutters when you leave the house.

5. Security shutters are long-lasting and cost-effective

Security shutters for patios are made from aluminium. This has many benefits, including the fact that aluminium does not rust. As a result, they are an excellent choice for coastal homes where the sea air can quickly destroy other materials.

Aluminium security shutters provide many years of use if you keep them clean as per the manufacturer’s instructions. In fact, the product warranty provided by manufacturers usually requires that you maintain your security shutters.

If you live at the coast, you should clean the security shutters at least every two weeks. Inland, this should be done every 6 months. It is important to find out how to do this from your security shutter installer. If you take proper care, security shutters will look beautiful for many years, providing cost-effective protection.

Find out how to clean security shutters

With security shutters protecting your patio, you don’t need to fit blinds to block out harsh sunlight. Simply close the louvres and you can block out the sun when it is too hot.

Curtains are also not needed with security shutters on patios. The shutters do the work of blinds, curtains and burglar proofing in one gorgeous product, saving costs.

How to protect patios

Security shutters are not the only way to protect patios. There are many other solutions on the market. Making the choice between various products can be very confusing. The best way of deciding on what to select for your patio protection is to get an expert in to give you advice.

Ask your supplier for quotes on several different products. Also ask them about the features and benefits of each of the security barriers for patios on offer. Then compare all the barriers before making your decision.

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