5 New Year’s Home Security Resolutions to Have in 2021

The New Year is a time where you might make resolutions to improve aspects of your life. Though most resolutions focus on fitness and health related aspects, you should also make ones that aim to improve your home security for you and your family.

When making New Year’s resolutions we might dedicate most of them to self-improvement forgetting that there are always changes and improvements that can always be made to security systems that give you greater control as well as peace of mind. Here are some areas that you can choose to make more improvements and adjustments to your home security.

1.  Improve your home security

Home security systems are the most effective tool in preventing crime, especially if they are professionally installed. It is essential that you regularly assess your home to determine where there are areas that might make you vulnerable to a break-in. You can either do this by yourself, but this can be a very time-consuming process. The second option is hiring a security expert from a home security company to identify areas of security weakness. They will be able to recommend home security products that will fix those weaknesses and that will be most suitable for your property type and lifestyle.

2.  Invest in motion-activated lights

Motion-activated lights can greatly improve the safety and security of any home. Not only do they assist in preventing crime, but they are able to illuminate your path so you can prevent injuries from occurring as you will be able to clearly see where you are going.

If a burglar were to break in, the blinding light would come on once it detects movement. There will be a high chance that they would run back into the darkness as they do not want to be detected. These lights will also assist you with saving power as they automatically switch off when they no longer detect movement.

3.  Improve your security gate

Security gates are your first choice in preventing harmful intrusions as they are a physical barrier that prevents criminals from gaining access into your home. Though security gates offer a range of benefits and they are mostly a great preventative measure, they do require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiency. The easiest way to do so is to ensure that you clean it regularly as it will help maintain its functionality and reliability.

You can also lubricate your gates regularly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a manual or an automated security gate. Lack of lubrication for security gates can lead to trouble with opening the gate and it reduces the strength of the gate which will give thieves easier access to your home. Purchasing the lubricant is quite easy as it can be found at any local hardware store.

4.  Strengthen your window security

Windows are one of the most vulnerable access points that could easily be used by burglars to gain entry and this is why they need to be secured properly. Doing so doesn’t have to be break your bank, the most  inexpensive way to add more security to windows is by planting thorny bushes underneath your windows. The sharp thorns on the bushes would inflict so much pain to the burglars that they would give up on trying to gain access into your home.

Another method which is quite expensive is replacing your window glass for shatter-resistant window glass and it offers plenty of benefits. Choosing this method will add an extra layer of security to your windows as the glass contains multiple layers of durable glass that have penetration resistant layers. The glass is also lightweight and very easy to install.

You can add window locks such as pin locks, sash locks, keyed locks and hinge wedge locks. The reason why you should add window locks is because they are great for preventing burglars from gaining access to your home, the windows that usually come pre-installed might not be able to offer you with the kind of protection that your home needs.

5.  Join the neighbourhood watch programs

In many neighbourhoods, there are neighbourhood watch programs that are established to improve the safety and security of that neighbourhood. When you join the program, you will be able to feel like you are part of the community. You will also be able to gain the trust of the members of the neighbourhood. This can be beneficial for you as they will look out for you when you require assistance or when need someone to watch your home while you are away on holiday.

You can also feel included by offering solutions to any crime problems that your community might be experiencing which also affect you and your home. It will also help you take better precautionary measures because you will have more knowledge regarding the crime trends in your community.


Making New Year’s resolutions to improve your home security is always a great idea as your home is your safe haven and you wouldn’t want it to be anything but that. You will also be able to have peace of mind and focus on you and your family.

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