5 Key Security Factors to Examine When Buying A Holiday Home

Holiday homes can be a great investment, especially because they allow you to escape all the stresses of the city living and allow you to simply relax. Holiday homes can be great for hosting friends and family on weekends or for longer getaways. But how will you know if the holiday home you want to purchase is safe?

When buying a holiday home most people tend to focus on the location and whether they can afford the home. The reality is the safety of the home should be just as important. You will not spend most of your time at the home that is why you need to do your research first before making any commitments.

Security Factors to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home

The fact that you will not be in your holiday home most times means that the security is something that should be high up on your priority list. Here are some of the factors you need to examine when buying a holiday home.

  1. Check Out The Area

    The area that you purchase a holiday home is not only important to see if it is easy to reach or whether you would want to visit the area regularly, you also need to consider the safety of the location and neighborhood. It is recommended to walk around the area at different times during the day and at night. You can also ask the residents whether they feel safe in the area.

    You would not want to purchase a holiday home in an area where you would not feel safe walking around as this could impact the resell value. It will also be difficult to rent out the home as well as it would be hard to entertain in an unsafe area regardless of the entertainment options available in the area.
  1. Local Crime Statistics

    You need to research the crime statistics and the general safety of the area that you want to buy your holiday home as an area with high crime rates is a big no. You can do this with the help of the local police such as the local community policing forum (CPF) or a local security company as they will be able to provide the latest crime statistics of the area.

    You can also receive assistance from a reputable and knowledgeable local real estate agent as they can also offer you with information regarding the safety of the area. Also try to find out about the type of criminal activity that is happening.
  1. Examine Safety Features

    You need to peruse the holiday home to check if the home offers security features and check for any security flaws that will need special attention. The things you need to look out for include:
  • The outdoor area needs to have secure handrails and all balconies should have proper railings in place in order to avoid slip and trip hazards.
  • Windows and doors should be sturdy and high quality, doors that are made of any type of glass are not recommended as they are easy to break into. Windows with security bars will be great as they restrict access to anyone trying to break in.
  • The home should have an alarm system as this is the most effective way to deter criminals. If there is a smart security system, this will be a bonus as it allows you to monitor your home when it is empty.
  • Cameras are a great security measure as they will allow you to keep an eye on your holiday home, if your holiday home were to experience a break-in, it would be easier to capture the burglar on camera and alert the police.
  1. Fire Safety

    You should conduct a fire risk assessment of the holiday home to ensure that the home is safe. There should be smoke alarms available as it will give you a warning when there is a fire in the home. There might be flammable items or fire hazards such as chimneys. There should also be functioning and up to date fire extinguishers available to put out fires in order to reduce the damage that fires can cause as well as save lives.
  1. Maintain Your Privacy

    Your holiday home will be used for entertaining and to spend much time relaxing, this is why your privacy matters. The home should enable you to take simple actions such as adding curtains and blinds to windows so that neighbors or potential burglars are unable to see what is inside your house. This also protects you because they won’t know which valuables are in your house. You won’t be around your holiday home for the majority of the time so a home that enables you to maintain privacy will make it difficult to tell whether or not someone is at home and it will help you avoid prying eyes.


When purchasing a holiday home, ensure that you prioritize its safety as it could put you at risk for crime. Do your research and look out for any security flaws before you make a purchase.

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