5 Basic Home Security System Components to Know

Home security systems include various components that ensure that the system works well. These system components are essential as they keep you and your family safe from several threats, and in this article, we will discuss some of these components.


Home Security Advantages

Installing a home security system is valuable as it will improve the security of your home and protect your possessions. There are many other advantages of installing a home security system, and we will discuss these below.

Deters crime

In a study conducted by Rutgers, the results indicated that if the number of home security systems installed in an area increased, then the number of residential robberies that occurred in the area also significantly decreased compared to areas where people did not own security systems. Therefore, installing a security system will not only protect you and your home but will deter crime substantially and ensure your neighbourhood becomes safer for everyone.

Protects valuables

A home security system’s most known benefit is that it can help protect your possessions, such as irreplaceable items like family heirlooms. Security systems can also scare potential intruders and notify local authorities if someone were to attempt a break-in.

Provides remote access to your home

The most significant advantage that modern home security systems provide is the ability to remotely monitor the activity occurring in your home even when you are not at home. Some providers will ensure you monitor security cameras installed and open your doors with smart keyless door locks.

Offers peace of mind

The sense of comfort and security you will receive once you install a home security system is an undeniable benefit. You will gain confidence in feeling safe and secure, enabling you to be more focused, productive and healthy. Investing in a home security system for your home also provides an extra layer of defence that will protect you from potential intruders.



Home Security Components

Control panel

The control panel is where information from the security system is relayed and processed. A control panel may not be available for those who purchase individual components separately, so they won’t have a centralised method where they can control the system at once. A control panel is available for those with an integrated home security system. If you have a monitoring system, your control panel will also be linked with an alarm company, enabling them to view data transmitted from the control panel when the system is triggered.

Access control unit

The control panel is typically wired to several access control units, which may be located near front doors, making it easy to access when entering or leaving the house. The access control unit may be a simple numerical keypad that can be used to arm or disarm the system. The devices may also include a panic button that will sound an alarm and contact the security company and the police when there is an emergency.

Modern security systems may comprise of more complicated digital control units that include smart home automation controls, enabling users to control the lights or doors. You can also connect these security systems to a tablet or phone app, allowing you to arm or disarm the alarm wherever you are and view the feed from your security cameras.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Installing security cameras for your home used to be something inaccessible as they were costly. However, they are now much more affordable, making them a must-have for your security system. Security cameras can deter burglars, and if they attempt to break in, security cameras will provide you with a clear image of the suspect. The images captured will assist the police in catching the perpetrators.

Live-streaming cameras will enable you to remotely view the activity occurring in your home, giving you a sense of security and control over what happens in your home. When choosing home security cameras, ensure they have high resolution as they will ensure that you capture clear footage and images.

Door and window sensors

Window and door sensors will detect when a door or window opens as the sensors are attached to them. These devices include two sensors made from a pair of magnetic switches; one on the window or door and the other on the frame. Whenever the door is closed, the two sensors will form a closed circuit, and when the door opens, the circuit will break, triggering a text alert or burglar alarm. Whenever they are activated, the sensors will emit a double beep. If the sensors were accidentally triggered, it would give you 30 seconds to go to the access control unit and disarm your security alarm system.

Door and window sensors are an effective and inexpensive security component as they reduce burglaries. Most break-ins will typically involve entry through the main entrance doors or the windows, so they will assist in catching burglars.

Security system motion sensors

Motion sensors effectively patrol your home when you are in bed or when you are away on holiday. These security devices will trigger an alarm whenever they detect motion on the property. However, you should not only rely on them as they do not cover the entire area of a room. If you have pets, you might think it is impossible to install motion sensors, but that is not the case.

Each type of motion sensor includes a different kind of technology, increasing its effectiveness while reducing the risk of false alarms. There are motion sensors that use passive infrared sensors that detect body heat. The motion sensor will be triggered when there is a rapid change in infrared energy levels. When installing motion sensors, install them out of range of objects that quickly heat up, like chimneys, sunny windows and ovens, as they are sensitive to temperature.




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