4 Rollerstyle Shutters Features Ideal for Your Holiday Home

Holiday homes left unoccupied for long periods can be difficult to protect from break-ins. This is because criminals have plenty of time to work out how to get inside. Strong, well-made roller shutters are a simple but effective way of keeping criminals out. Let’s look at the features that make roller shutters ideal protection for holiday homes.


What are Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are a form of security barrier made up of a series of horizontal metal slats hinged together. The slats form a ‘wall’ that travels up and down inside guide channels fitted into the walls on either side of the opening. 

The shutter rolls up into a neat box where it wraps around the motor shaft, ready to be rolled down when you need it to protect the door or window opening.  When rolled down, these barriers are a solid obstacle to house breakers or robbers.  


Where have I seen them before?

Roller shutters are most often seen fitted to the front of shops in malls or on streets. They are recognised as one of the best ways of stopping vandals and thieves from damaging these shops and helping themselves to the goods inside. During operating hours, the shutters roll up into a shutter box. They open up the entrance completely, leaving the floor clear so that there is no tripping hazard.

The same system works well in holiday homes. Once the roller shutters are rolled up, your view is fully revealed and will stay that way until you press the button to roll them down for security reasons. 

Roller shutters for businesses are made from either steel or aluminium. For holiday and other homes, they are usually made from aluminium because it is lightweight and less noisy than steel but still strong. There are several different models in the Trellidor Roller Shutter range, with shutters that suit business and residential needs.


The Benefits of Using Roller Shutters for Holiday Homes 


1. Roller Shutters are Strong under Attack 

All the roller shutter door models in the Trellidor range have built-in strengthening features to make them strong. Every shutter is fitted into the door or window space with tamper proof fixings to make them hard for criminals to find a way through them. This is exactly what you need to protect your holiday home.

Strong roller shutters fitted to all exit doors and windows right around the house ensure that robbers will struggle to find a way inside. Your possessions will be safe until you next visit your holiday home. 

If you are visiting your holiday home, roller shutters will keep you safe inside when you close them at night or even at times during the day. This is very reassuring in places where crime is common or that are isolated with no neighbours nearby. People in this type of holiday home use roller shutters to create a safe zone for protection while they sleep at night.


2. Aluminium Roller Shutters are Long Lasting

Rollerstyle roller shutters by Trellidor are made from aluminium, which does not rust. But it does corrode over time if not properly treated. Trellidor security barriers are all protected against corrosion. The components go through an anti-corrosion surface coating process before they are powder coated in a colour of your choice. The powder coating adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

The end result is a roller shutter with a lovely smooth surface that will last well, even in coastal areas. With regular cleaning, this surface will be maintained for many years. It will also ensure that the shutters provide trouble-free service and protect the holiday home whether you are there or not.



3. Roller Shutters can be Customised

Each rollerstyle roller shutter is custom-made to fit the opening they are designed to protect. They are made for doors, windows, patios, and safe zones with the following customisations choices:

  • Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Motorised operation with or without a manual override option.
  • Variety of motor options including solar power, manual over-ride, and super-fast, depending on the model selected. 
  • A selection of controls including wall mounted and hand-held transmitters.
  • The type of slat –  a wall of solid slats is a good choice because robbers can’t see what you have to steal through them. But there are vented and punched panels available for some models.
  • Optional obstacle detection accessories available.
  • Choose the colour you’d like for powder coating the shutter. 

Discuss your requirements with your Trellidor supplier and they will tailor-make roller shutters for your holiday home. 


4. Roller Shutters are Multi-purpose and Cost Effective

A product that can solve several problems is always a great investment and saves money in the long run. One of the benefits of installing roller shutters is that they can do many jobs for you. These include:

  • They provide a high level of security for people and possessions in your home, whether its your permanent home or your holiday home.
  • They lock down a home securely when you need protection from crime.
  • They lift up completely to reveal the full view, so you can enjoy your surroundings when on holiday.
  • There is no bottom track, so nothing to trip up children running around or anyone with walking difficulties or that needs walking aids.
  • The shutters provide thermal and acoustic insulation when they’re closed.
  • When the weather is bad, you can bring down the roller shutters and continue to use your veranda or open plan living area.


These are the four major benefits of fitting roller shutters to the doors and windows in your holiday home. To find out more about the different product options, contact your local Trellidor outlet and they will explain anything you need to know to help you make your decision on what’s best for you and your family.

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