5 Ways to Customize Your Office Building with Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple and practical solution to many office building problems. They are quick to install, easy to use and available in a wide variety of fabrics that can do anything from block out heat and light to creating a safe social distancing barrier between workstations.

This type of blind is custom-made to fit, so the result is an excellent fit that adds to the professional appearance of your company. They can be manufactured for most window sizes and can also be used as room-dividers.

If you choose your manufacturer carefully and decide on an appropriate fabric, for your purposes, the blinds will enhance the office building for many years.

Good quality roller blinds are generally easy to clean, which saves time and money, as well as being part of maintaining good hygiene for those using the offices. They are the blinds that collect the least amount of dust, particularly if rolled up frequently to let light into the building.

Decorative roller blinds colours for offices

Companies with a strong corporate identity can use decorative roller blinds to reinforce their brand. By using the same colour in window blinds or choosing a printed pattern that reflects the chosen colour palette, roller blinds can underpin the company style and character.

Manufacturers like Taylor Blinds offer an enormous range of fabrics, so companies should have no problem finding the right one to suit their office building. Choices include a myriad of colours and patterns that could easily fit into the corporate design.

Even if it isn’t important to tie with a corporate brand identity, office décor may have a distinctive colour palette to create uniformity throughout the building. The entire premises can be fitted with the same roller blinds fabric.

Or each area could have a different design or colour to indicate its purpose and divide the office space into clearly designated areas. These includes departments, functions, different companies within a group or work spaces and leisure sections.

Types of roller blinds

Roller blinds for office buildings can be fitted internally or externally, depending on their function.

Internal light control roller blinds

Roller blinds for inside offices are available in different levels of light filtering material, all with their own benefits and uses. Choose the appropriate type for each office and its purpose.

The options are:

  • Sheer, light filtering roller blinds that allow in the maximum amount of light. These are useful for offices that don’t receive much sunlight and those that are too visible from the outside as they provide a low level of privacy. They are often used as a decorative element in the company’s décor, particularly in public areas.
  • Screen fabrics that allow maximum light penetration but block out damaging UV rays and annoying glare. This type of roller blind is a good choice for offices that get too much sunlight, which damages furniture, flooring, desks and other equipment. Too much light from outside can also make it difficult to see computer screens clearly, and roller blinds can help solve this issue.
  • Dim out blinds that block out 90% of external light and provide a high level of privacy. Ground floor offices may require this type of roller blind, especially if the building is in a busy CBD and very visible at street level.
  • Block out roller blinds that block out light completely. These are ideal for boardrooms, especially when used for presentations, and multi-media screening rooms.
  • Zebra Double Roller Blinds create a really modern look for office buildings or home office spaces. They control the light, view and privacy according to your preferences as they have a double-layer fabric of transparent light filtering and dim-out, non-light-filtering alternating stripes. The transparent light filtering stripes allow in maximum light, creating a feeling of spaciousness, while the dim-out, non-light-filtering fabric darkens the room, providing more privacy.

External roller blinds

Many office buildings have outdoor areas for recreational purposes, team building, lunch breaks or as part of the office canteen. External blinds are of great use here because they block out bad weather and enable office staff to continue using the space when the weather is poor or rainy.

When fitted to the outside of windows in an office building, external roller blinds provide protection from excessive sunlight, privacy and wind when windows are left open for fresh air. This improves internal working conditions for staff and visitors.

Taylor’s external blinds are available in two formats: fully-secured Lockscreen Blinds, and partially-secured (free-hanging) Bracket Screen Blinds. Both types of external roller blinds are custom-made for office buildings in terms of sizes, colours and fabrics. They range from lightweight screens to block-out fabrics, and there is a choice between manual and electronic operation. 

Social distancing roller blinds

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to reconsider how they configure their office spaces, with social distancing critical for the foreseeable future. See-through roller blinds have become a popular solution for office buildings because of the following features:

  • Reputable manufactures like Taylor Blinds make see-through roller blind screens from antimicrobial material, which protects people using the offices against contamination.
  • Because the blinds are transparent, office workers can communicate with each other and maintain their camaraderie while taking advantage of the screen’s health and safety benefits.
  • The screens double-up as room dividers without losing any floor space because they hang from the ceiling.
  • See-through roller blinds are the perfect health and safety solution for offices where there is close contact with customers such as waiting rooms and open-plan offices.
  • They’re easy to clean and can be cleaned regularly without damaging the material.
  • They can be motorised so that no-one has to touch any part of the blind including the pull cord, which further enhances protection from viruses and other hazards.

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