5 Places to Use Roller Screen Protect During Coronavirus Pandemic

All over the world people are returning to their workplaces, either full time or splitting it between home and office. With the Covid-19 pandemic possibly around for years to come, we’re all having to negotiate space sharing rules that require at least 1.5m between us. New products like clear roller security screens are popping up in the marketplace to make this easier.

Visual cues are one solution that ensures people observe social distancing.  Most public places now have markings on the floor indicating where to stand at a safe distance. In the office environment, though, it takes more than this to remind people to comply with the rules.

During an interesting discussion, for example, or when collaborating on a project at the office it is easy to forget to stay 1.5m apart. Floor markings are useful as they show how close colleagues can get to someone else’s desk without it becoming unsafe. But physical barriers are a more effective way to enforce safe distancing.  

By adding physical screen barriers to the mix, people are not only reminded to keep safely apart. They also prevent potentially infected people on either side of the barrier from spreading the virus.

Products like Taylor’s Roller Blind Screen Protect have anti-microbial fibres that safeguard people against contamination. These blinds are completely see-through, so they don’t impede conversations and discussions between colleagues.

 The roller blinds are easy to keep clean and sanitised by simply wiping with a damp cloth and mild detergent. To make them even more hygienic, the blinds can be motorised. This means they can be rolled up or down without having to touch the pull cord.

5 places where Roller Screen Protect blinds can be used during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

There are many possible contact points between people that present danger and social distancing, hand washing, sanitising, mask-wearing and sneezing into elbows are the best ways of avoiding infection.

In certain situations, though, physical screens can be a great help. Here are five of those locations.

  1. Retail shops

Shopping centres or malls are said to be among the biggest sources of Covid-19 infection. Screens are essential for shops to maintain the health and safety of employees as well as customers. Taylor Roller Blind Screen Protect is an excellent option to facilitate this goal inside shops.

Erect the screens at payment tills to protect staff on one side and customers on the other. They will be able to clearly see each other and converse through this 100% transparent screen. The screen can be lowered to just above the credit card machine for easy customer access without compromising on safety.

Don’t forget the staff in the back offices. Roller Blind Screen Protect can be used between administration staff desks to protect people working at them.

  • Desks

It is not only people at desks in retail outlets that need protecting with Covid-19 screens. Workspaces on the factory floor, in school administration buildings, in materials storage facilities, co-working facilities or any other shared work area would benefit from being divided up by see-through roller blind screens.

People in these workplaces will be able to stay in communication with each other without running the risk of contracting the virus. This is especially important during the period when people are asymptomatic and don’t know they are ill.

  • Offices

Shared office working spaces are another of the Covid-19 infection hot spots. Roller screen protect blinds are a simple solution to preventing community contamination in these circumstances. The screens are hung from the ceiling so they don’t take up any floor space, and their transparent properties allow colleagues to continue to communicate easily.

Roller Blind Screen Protect can be used in open-plan offices as desk screens or as room dividers. They can either be operated manually or motorised, rolling up neatly when not required.

  • Reception areas

Reception areas range from waiting rooms, where people sit side by side in close proximity, to reception desks in public spaces, where people stand in front of long counters. They could also be small reception desks, where people stand far too close for comfort.

Covid-19 protective screens are essential for any type of reception area. They provide a reassuring barrier between employees at the reception desk and the people they are there to assist.

See-through screens allow them to stay in contact without danger. The anti-microbial properties of the screen are an added benefit in this situation. The screens can be cleaned regularly with a simple wipe using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

  • Isolation screens

Roller Blind Screen Protect is ideal for isolating people that suspect they have the Covid-19 virus. This would usually be in a doctor’s surgery or clinic, where patients wait for an appointment.

The screens can be kept rolled up and out of the way until needed. The blinds can then be lowered to keep a patient isolated from anyone else in the waiting area.

The screens can be used between beds in hospitals, boarding schools, corporate clinics and school sanatoriums. They will isolate a suspected Covid-19 patient from others that would otherwise be vulnerable to contracting the virus from them.

Multi-purpose roller blind protective screens

The Covid-19 virus is expected to be around for many more months, if not years. Once it is under control and protective screens are no longer required, the roller blind screen protect blinds can be repurposed by simply inserting a different fabric. They can then be used on windows to add a decorative element to the workspace.

Screening options

Roller screens are not the only option for protecting people and complying with health and safety requirements in public spaces. There are also:

  • Free-standing screens that can be moved around to where they are needed.
  • Mobile medical screens on wheels in virus-tested, sporicidal and antimicrobial fabric.
  • Fixed, free-hanging PVC screens that are suspended from the ceiling.

All of these products are produced by Taylor Blinds and shutters are available from your local Trellidor franchise.

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